Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I remember the first time I met her.  I don't really remember my first impression of her other than
"wow.  she is really sweet." 
And maybe that she had an incredibly endearing dimple. 
Because to know her is to know her dimple and I just love Leah B.

She was my roomate in college for two years. 
And there was no way I was going to ever have any other college roommate but her......
but then this really handsome guy got down on one knee and asked me to be his
forever roommate
and so........well, Leah, you understand, right?!
But she put up with me was my roommate
 for our freshman and sophomore years of college in the big city of Chicago. 
And it makes me smile everytime I think of the location.
 Because I went to Moody Bible Institute
#1 because of it's great reputation for Bible teaching and ministry prep
but #2 because it was in Chicago. 
I love love LOVE Chicago.  For so many reasons--
but  have you ever tasted their famous stuffed crust pizza?!  Wow. 
And when I think of Giorodano's Pizza I think of the many times Leah and I went there. 
It was a popular place to take people when they came to visit....
and Leah liked her pizza with spinach in it
so I happily ate it that way because I figured I could eat more if it was healthy. 
And I think of the time when Leah was leaving for a date
and she sat on a piece of that famous pizza
that was on one of our beds. 
I don't remember the exact details only that I was blow-drying her pants frantically
after she washed off the cheese and marinara.  mercy.  such memories. 
and before I go sounding like the hero of this roommate relationship
I have to bring up her computer (say what?)
she had, like, THE computer of the dorm floor and this was back in the day of dial-up internet. 
And I had a long distance boyfriend
and wouldn't you know she'd pretty much let me on that computer at any time to email him. 
That was sweet. 
And she put up with my late night study habits
and my ability to hit the snooze alarm like 3... 5 ...10 times before I'd roll out of bed.
such a long-suffering roommate she was. 
And I have memories of sharing a twin-size bed with her when we'd have a visitor. 
Because....well, because we learned to have like no personal space issues with each other
and that the bed was much softer than the floor and we were always nice like that--
you know, to give up our bed if we had a visitor. 
(Remember that time we let someone stay in our room just to run the Chicago marathon? 
We didn't even know her.  Man....we were so nice.  haha) 
And then there are the memories of wrapping up all our stuff in big plastic bags because our dear friend Bethany was loving on inner city kids again and she got lice and.....
oh, I hope if B is reading this she forgives me for writing that. 
But we did. 
More than a couple of times but if you know B you know
she wasn't about to stop loving on those kids and we loved B so she was in our room a lot......
and I'm pretty sure Leah was the one who kept me grounded
when I wanted to FR-EAK out because I hate anything that moves with more than 4 legs
or is small enough to fit in a Diet Coke cap. 
Ahh, yes.  And there was the Tin of Sin that I kept full of chocolate. 
And I'd pull it out every semester when we had big exams coming up and Leah would indulge with me.....
but she'd usually have the self control to stop after just one piece
I'm not quite sure how she managed that. 
But the memory I have most of Leah B....the one that is the most clear,
 the most compelling, is that every night
(she may be able to find a couple of exceptions to point out....but I'm pretty sure it was EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT)
before she went to bed, Leah would pull out her Bible and her Eucerin cream. 
I don't exactly remember if she'd apply the Eucerin cream while she read from God's Word or after,
but I remember how she'd faithfully apply both in her life. 
And reading her blog now, I know it's a habit that remains today. 
She's got a hubby and a little Cutie Pie in her life now and I'm sure things look a lot different. 
Maybe the Eucerin is kept in the bathroom cabinet and applied in the morning
or maybe she's upgraded to department store lotion over the years.
Maybe she's given up applying lotion at all with the demands of mommyhood. 
But one thing I know for sure is that Leah is still reading the Bible and letting it permeate her life. 
I read posts like this one and this one and this one and this one
and I hope you check them out because they are both wonderfully encouraging
and a-mazingly written. 
Leah was a communications major who always had a way with words on a page.....
ahhh, those well-written Old Testament papers for Dr. Marty.
So go.  Go check out Leah's blog..... and if you want to, let her know you were there. 
That's pretty much the best GIVEAWAY WEDNESDAY I can think of. 
To introduce you to one of my BFF's that I go to when I need a long-distance shoulder to cry on,
a prayer to be prayed on my behalf,
or just a smile of encouragement from afar. 
She was, actually, the first person I told I was prego with Matthias. 
Did you know that, Leah?
 I was just recalling that the other day. 
My little "surprise child" whose presence in my belly took me completely off-guard
and your excitement and reassuring smiles helped calm my anxious heart. 
That was also one of the first times we were really able to meet your hubby, Josh, and I felt like just walking up to him and saying, "Hi, I'm Laurie, Leah's college roomie and I'm the one who just keeps having babies.  How nice to meet you." 
(But I really didn't want to freak him out with all that is-you know-me) 
But thanks being your incredibly wonderful self, Leah. 
Thanks for coming to my house for my 30th Birthday along with our other Little Women
and for brightening our time with Sprinkles Cupcakes all the way from Dallas
and, of course, your sweet dimply smile.
I'm so excited to see what God is going to do through the Pritchards in the years to come....
and I'm so excited to share with blogland your blog that warms my heart everytime I check it out.
Love to all who read this blog,
have a SUPER Wednesday!

Laurie for the fam


  1. I read Leah's blog a few times a week and love it! I bookmarked a recipe to try a couple weeks ago!

  2. Oh the Moody days....such good memories!! And such an awesome friend you are for writing this post about are too sweet!

  3. awwwwww. thanks, laurie!! this is so special. i am laughing and crying at the same time. haha i had forgotten about sitting on that pizza!!! you were the best roommate ever...totally saved the day. :) ...that day and many other days as well. i am so thankful we had those 2 years as roomies. the little women didn't know then (well, maybe we did) that we would need each other for the rest of our lives. i love you so much!!!!!!!

  4. oh and umm...there IS still a container of Eucerin by my bed...hahaha! i didn't know i'd been using it for so many years. i must be so moisturized.