Wednesday, March 9, 2011

GIVEAWAY WEDNESDAY! random of randomness randomly

I love Krispy Kreme donuts
when I was prego with Caleb I'd do the KK drive thru while Jon was at PreSchool
an original with chocolate and sprinkles, please
gotta have the sprinkles
the last place we lived had a shell of a KK building that was no longer KK
it was a mean trick everytime I drove down War Memorial Drive
now I'm making up for lost time
yes, the drive now is about a half an hour 
but Justin can easily be convinced of the need for a donut run
when we're all out on a Saturday morning anyways
after Jon's Upwards game
ahh, Krispy Kreme how I've missed you
11 free donuts with coupons?!
yes, please!
that doesn't just give me mom points that gives me frugal points
and I'm all about both

so the picture of this book was taken awhile back
because I've really had the urge to share with you the AWESOMENESS
that is this parenting book
Justin and I are taking a class on Tuesday nights
and let me tell you
Chip is right on
but now when I see this book all I can think of is dropping it in the toilet
right before class last night
and the guy next to me asked,
"what did you do, drop it in a puddle or something?"
now most people would've just answered
and kept silent about the fact that it was definitely a "or something"
nope not me
"well, actually it was the toilet." (then I felt the need to go on....)
"after it was flushed" (I just really should've stopped)
and the only worse part about this information
is that earlier in the day I also dropped my debit card
as the McDonald's cashier was handing it back to me in the drive thru
and it went under the car
and I'll just leave out the details on this one
moving on.....

these wonderful balls have quickly become a
James family fav
and Justin takes 4 for his breakfast on the road
and apparantely has designated places during his hour-long commute
where he consumes each one
that statement was not meant to sound like mocking
I'm just not sure how else to word that
this devo is something I found in the bookstore about a month ago
I bought it along with a CD and a book for myself
and the cashier was kind enough to tell me random facts about all 3 purchases
this devotional is a best seller
and written by a former misionary
in case you were wondering
oh, and Jon loves it
are you impressed with this newly re-arranged cupboard?
I'm on an organizing, spring cleaning,
throw-everything-away-that's-not-used-on-a-weekly-basis spree
mercy on all the materialistic things in this house
they have no idea what's coming
and one of my weaknesses in life is NOT
but I do regret getting rid of my "extra" crock pot when we moved
you know, the one I've needed like 8 times since
is there anything anyone out in blogland recommends I do NOT
pair with Nutella?!
speak freely but carefully, people
I'm thinking canned green beans would still be as nasty as they are
 even with Nutella
but that's just a guess
anyways, to wrap up this post of randomness
I'm giving away this particular jar of Nutella
the James fam has now upgraded to the BIG jar
and if you're a Nutella fan,
you know what I'm talking about
but this one, this very jar of Nutella is my
Here's what you need to do:
leave a comment telling me something you think would be gross with Nutella
(so the winner will avoid the matching of such item with their prize)
then leave me another comment telling me which random aforementioned item
you'd like me to blog about next:
do you want to know more about Chip's parenting book?
do you want to know more about this highly-acclaimed devotional book for kids?
what about Laurie's organization tips and tricks?
are you wanting the recipe you see above?
is there something else you think is blog-worthy and not in the post of random?
comment it up for me and we'll see what happens.....

I want to hear from you!  If you check in on this here blog,
YOU, yes YOU, have a chance to win


Love, Laurie for the fam


  1. Can I choose all of the above? Also I have never tried Nutella, so this would be a great giveaway for me to win.

  2. I used to go on donut dates with my mom when I was a little girl. Nutella would be gross on scrambled eggs! I so love it on cupcakes and toast. I would also like to hear a review of the devotional book for kids, I'm always on the lookout for a good one. Happy Wednesday :)

  3. We get our favorite donuts from the grocery store. :) However, I never eat them. Don't tell anyone but I really don't care for donuts of any kind; even when prego. :) Nutella would be gross paired with brussel sprouts I'm sure.

    Blog post that would interest me: Top 5 parenting tips you all have learned from Chip.

    :)TMI, just sayin

  4. KK is a weakness...LOVE IT! I'll have to check out that kids devo! I'm always looking for new ones for my kiddos!

  5. Hmm..I don't really think you can go wrong with Nutella. I say put it on everything :-) Also, I am reading the adult version of "Jesus Calling" and absolutely LOVE it. I didn't know there was a kid version but am so glad I saw this post so now I can go buy it :-) What age would you say it is suitable for?

  6. Nutella would not be good with boogers.

    Or a cow eye ball.

    I would like to know more about your parenting book as well!

  7. Hmmmm...I think nutella would be gross as a salad dressing. I think I want to drizzle nutella on popcorn--YUM!

  8. While I'm interested in all of your ideas, I think I'd like to hear more about your organizational tips. I am probably 75% of the way through organizing the girls' rooms after having Maggie join Leah and Grace having her own room!

  9. Ummmm, Nutella on liver? I don't think I could stomach that!

  10. The parenting book, please!! I now have 3 parenting books to read (and I'm NOT a reader) but I'm taking any advice I can get right now!
    Plus I think I might already have that recipe!! wink!

  11. lovin' the randomness! Umm...nutella would soo be gross on eggs. ya...eww....

  12. i always am game for more organizing tip!

  13. Nutella on onions not so much...but that may because I despise onions.

  14. I want the recipe for the granola balls.

  15. I absolutely love love love Nutella! Putting it on eggs sounds kinda gross but I would probably try it. Since I hate just about any kind of veggie, putting Nutella on them may actually entice me to eat them so that's out. As much as i love Nutella I think putting it on a nice juicy steak might ruin the steak.

    I would like to hear more about the parenting book and the kids' devotional.

  16. Nutella on corn would be pretty bad!However, Nutella on graham crackers or sandwiched between two sugar cookies....AWESOME! I love all your recipes, you have inspired me to attempt to "rock the crock" :)

  17. Great post, I need to check out that kids devotional book!

  18. i'm pretty sure that there is nothing in this world that would be gross with nutella.


  19. Nutella on a cheeseburger would be gross! LOVE nutella though...have you ever tried it on crepes? Yummy.

  20. I would love to hear your organizing tips!! I'm gearing up for a little "purging" myself...I love spring cleaning :)