Tuesday, March 1, 2011

it's in a moment

moments of life can be crazy
in one moment you've got a peaceful room of children
in the next moment you've got a crash of a lamp
and broken glass all over the rug and hardwood floor
and everyone is excitedly telling you who may or may not have been the one to break said lamp
and it was, indeed, probably the baby who can't defend herself
or perhaps it just fell over and broke itself
yes, perhaps that is what happened

and because it happens pre-8AM your breakfast plans of.....well, nothing fancier than cereal
(but cereal requires you to be the pourer of milk)
and well that's just not going to work because you need to clean up the glass
before your baby who is not yet crawling, but certainly creeping to get places
gets into the glass and there is more disaster
and so breakfast becomes Poptarts because those can be easily grabbed from the box
and consumed with no help from mom

but those moments that seem so insane
and make you want to scream in frustration even if no one is listening
those moments always calm down
sometimes even in an instant
and they become precious moments of stillness
when you are sitting down with a book and you are teaching your 3 year old
how to count the ladybugs in the story
or tickling your kiddos everytime you see the bee in the book
moments are like that.
fleeting and wonderful.  mundane and blissful.
and at the end of the day I'm not so sure I would trade any of the moments
for anything different than what was given to me.


  1. Awesome post Laurie! So wonderful to find the magic in the manic!

  2. This is such a beautiful post....and nothing wrong with pop tarts! I love the brown sugar cinnamon ones!

  3. I agree! Sorry about your lamp though. Hope it wasn't a favorite-

  4. love this post, sis! you made my day :)