Thursday, March 10, 2011

love that little guy

go, Jon, go!
here Caleb and I are at the Grizzlies Basketball Game last Saturday morning
(you know, before the Krispy Kreme run...)
he is so silly

he is also so precious
Caleb is grasping the deep truths of Jesus
and it's so neat to see all that's going on in his heart
his prayer right now, what he says to Jesus almost every night......
"it's not about being perfect
but we just have to trust You."
Amen, little guy

have a SUPER thursday!
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  1. What a precious prayer... Our oldest just thanked the Lord for chocolate the other night. I feel like I already told you that though- Any way the bus driver handed all the kids a bag the other day as they stepped off the bus because she was a little late in picking them up. (totally not needed on her part but sweet!)

  2. so cute! and I'm FLOORED you don't have a CFA! ugh! I would definitely say there's something wrong with that :)

  3. what a sweet thing he said...

  4. I just love that boy. He's so sweet and has the most tender heart. MY heart melted at the words of his prayer.