Monday, March 28, 2011

Jesus eesh ahwibe!

when this song comes on the radio
in our van
I am sure to hear this from the backseat "JESUS EESH AHWIBE!"
That's right, Matthias,
 Jesus IS alive!
And those big brown eyes filled with excitement are  pretty much contagious....

have a SUPER Monday!

love, Laurie for the fam
p.s. make sure you crank up the volume on your computer for this song-- cause if you (somehow) have missed's crank-up-the-volume worthy


  1. :0) very sweet way to sing the lyrics... that is a wonderful song. We sing it in church sometimes. Do you all?
    And I have to tell you the cake oreos or was it oreo cakes, any way, they were incredible. A hit for sure and maybe a new birthday tradition.

  2. Awesome song!! I hadn't heard it yet, but my radio listening is limited. I hope we sing it at church soon. Obviously perfect for Easter season!