Thursday, March 31, 2011

giveaway wednesday.....on thursday

so if all you could have this Easter
is the joy of your Risen Savior
and the goodness of one traditional treat
which would it be?

Note: the author of this blog is not suggesting your salvation
depends on answering this question correctly
only that there is one right answer
and therefore one wrong one

to enter this great Easter giveaway
leave me a comment telling me
which Easter treat better be in the basket this year,
who'll get hurt if it's not there
and if you plan on sharing

check back in tomorrow
to see what the vote is in the James fam 
 and to see if you've got some goodies coming your way!

love, Laurie for the fam


  1. Is there really a debate about this? It has to be the Reese's Eggs. Hubby usually does the Easter basket shopping, and I most often share.

  2. It is all about the Reese's Eggs, but the only one to hurt would be me because I do the shopping. I would share with people who came to visit long as they are over the age of 10 otherwise they just don't appreciate it.

  3. I would have to say the Reeses eggs! We have already went through several packages already in the last month!

  4. can i get a woot woot for my peeps! how can you deny the sugary goodness. there better be some in my easter basket in a week (hint) or i will get hurt ;-( i could probably share the body of one- i like to bite off the heads. or, I could buy all the kids a 24 pack and see who crashes first???

    random fact. i once pounded a 24 pack in less than a minute.

  5. Peeps have sold themselves out! There are peeps for every holiday, thus diminishing their special-ness. I would totally pick the Reese's eggs! The Easter Bunny is in deep trouble if I don't get any, and I would begrudgingly share as my children want to try whatever it is that I have if they don't have it...even if it's water. I wish I was joking.

    I think there should be a YouTube clip of Dan eating 24 peeps in less than a minute; it would totally go viral :)

  6. I've gotta go with Peeps. But what about Cadbury creme eggs? Nothing like a gooey candy egg yolk! Josh doesn't dig peeps so I get them all to myself. THANKFULLY! :)

  7. Love the Peeps!! Always have, always will! And yes, I share.

  8. I agree, Peeps have lost that "special" appeal 'cuz you can get them for every holdiay. I gotta go with the Reese's. But really it is all about the Jelly Belly jelly beans, so anyone can share the Reese's.

  9. Oh dear. This is more than a debate... this is more like war in the Wiens household. Nate would say Reeses, Katy says Peeps. Hands down. You may be able to get Peeps during many holidays... but you can buy multiple kinds of Reeses ALL the time. Plus, what's spring-like about peanut butter? But a baby chick? Now that's spring:)

  10. Cadbury Creme Eggs are the only Easter candy that really matter to me, and thankfully I'm the only one in my house who likes them so I don't have to share. But if I had to choose between the Reeses eggs and Peeps, it would have to be the Peeps. Who doesn't like marshmallows covered in sugar?

  11. Ohhhhh my goodness! Is this REALLY a debate??? Resses eggs are hands down better than Peeps. Without a shadow of a doubt. I mean...chocolate covered peanut butter???? Doesn't get any better than that! Can not wait for their yummy goodness on Easter! =)

  12. oh the reeses for sure! They are a MUST!! :)

  13. I go with the Reese's Eggs. However I will say that we tried the chocolate Peeps dipped in chocolate.. and they were a winner!!!

  14. I have eaten so many of the peanut butter eggs this past week... I feel a little queasy just looking at your picture- (sneaking them from my Easter basket stash)

    So I will go for the peeps!