Monday, May 30, 2011

penny for my thoughts?

I really, really, really love to help people. Don't you? 
It's like.....such a blessing to be a blessing.

There are times when I've been able to be there for people in their worst of times.
And that is so very, very difficult.
(You know.....I'm sure you've been there before)

I'd like to think that Jesus uses me
to share His love in those vulnerable moments....

One thing I've learned by listening to people
(something I'm ....not always good at)
Is that when people are hurting what they want
most of the time
Is just a good, listening ear.
No words.  Just listening.
It feels awkward for the comforter,
but for the comfortee... it can be the best medicine.

One thing I'm incredibly moved by, incredibly burdened by--
Is a mom who has lost a child
Or lost the dream of having one (biologically) in the first place.

I've sought counsel from friends and people oh-so-much wiser than me
On how to love on people who are going through these pains
I've prayed.  I've read stuff.  I've cried over this. 

If you've been reading my blog for anytime now, you know I L-O-V-E a sweet blog
named Joy's Hope and she has done a post about this very topic
having lost a precious baby, her first one, at full-term.

She shares her story somewhere on her blog but I really want you to read this post HERE
And the comments, too (or some of them....there's over 100!) if you've got time.
What insight.  Understanding.  Compassion.
Do you have something to add?  Leave a comment over there.

I hope my words (when I feel I should speak) are words always filled with comfort and hope.

I've had friends share with me the hurtful words people have spoken to them in times of grief.
I'm telling you, we can really do some damage with our tongues....

Anyways, I was thinking with it being Memorial Day and all
And focusing on all the sacrificial men and women who serve this country
And have served this country
And have given their lives for this country
That maybe, just maybe a post like this would get us all thinking about our words.
Maybe you've got some sweet words of comfort for a military family who is missing someone today?
Maybe it's not actually your words they are looking for
Maybe it's a sweet gesture
(can you believe what blessing a plate of food can bring?)

Okay.  That last part was unrehearsed and my finger just kept typing.....
Now I've challenged myself.
I've got something in mind involving strawberries, white chocolate, and blue sprinkles (see here)

Happy Memorial Day to all! 

a pic of my big brother
on the jumbo tron at Miller Park
when he threw out the first pitch
at last Sunday's game
(it was a fun, fun day for the fam including a limo ride to the park for Jon!)


  1. amen!
    thanks for starting my week off rightly.
    intending to be. a. blessing.
    this week! xo

  2. So true. I left a post on Joy's Hope last week. I agree that often it is actions that matter most. Wonderful post.

  3. Yes. and Amen. I have been there. (on both sides) I know I've said things I wish I could take back and I know how comforting it is to have someone stand by me. It really does make a difference.