Wednesday, June 1, 2011

boyz will b boyz

wrestling is a common occurrence around here
I'm kinda hoping none of my boys choose to wrestle as a sport
(because I think it looks--awkward.  can you really blame me for that?!)
but when they wrestle at home it is completely entertaining
and sometimes lasts for longer than I'd ever imagine a match of wrestling could
and this was one of those times, so I got out the camera
surprisingly, no little guys got hurt at any time during this intense match
but at one point Charity crawled in the room and started squaking at them
I think her bossy little self was telling them to stop that nonsense
but they didn't even care

because my boys will be boys
and I'm learning
boys wrestle.

and I just had to include this picture
because Jon was so excited about this self portrait


if you know my Caleb you'd know why I love this picture

#1 he was super proud of himself
for climbing to the top of this structure at the park
(I helped, but still....victory nonetheless)

#2 this is such a typical Caleb look
(when he's trying to look all cool, that is)

ever have a shirt of your child's that you really have no good reason to hang on to
except that you know you just really can't get rid of it?
that would be this bright red hockey shirt of Matthias'
I just can't bear to pass this along
with all of the other shirts he''ll have outgrown by next fall
Matthias would have worn this shirt all winter long, day and night
if I would've let him
so when I asked him to give me a picture of himself in his fav shirt
this is what I got.

I love having 3 boys
they rock my world.

have a super wednesday doing what you do.
I'm getting ready for a garage sale.


  1. my kiddos wrestle all the time! Sidenote: My brother wrestled all through junior high and high school...and yes, it does look awkward! Ha!

  2. Oh, Laurie, you are speaking to my heart girl! Life with my 3 little boys (and 1 big boy) is nuts! Their need to be physical is insane! : )

  3. i really want 3-4 boys too! i mean, i'll be so thankful with whatever the Lord gives me, but i secretly love the thought of all boys. :)