Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I married an absolutely wonderful man
who is an absolutely wonderful father
I know, I know.....
bragging on the blog
forgive me
(but it's just factual information I share wth you)

This weekend
Justin earned his ultimate Dad status
as the fam experienced a "Dad Day" while the mom (me!) was away

I would say from the Dad Day itinerary the I observed
and the excited voices telling me all at the same time
all the fun things that occurred on Dad Day
that it's safe to say all had fun while the mom (me!) was away

Where did I go? you ask....

to my fav city, Chicago
with one of my fav gals, Sandi
and let me tell you we had a weekend that rocked my world
fun, fun, fun

fancy food like this
in a hotel suite located on the 21st floor of the Trump Tower

where we enjoyed a gorgeous view like this one
(city skylines are yummy)
and then shopped til our hearts content
-----and did I mention Garrett's Popcorn?-----
I brought home enough Chicago Mix to feed an army
but it's almost gone
oh my

can I do that again?!

hope you are having a SUPER tuesday!


  1. Oh my...that does look like a fabulous Chicago visit!

  2. It is looks like so much fun. I've never been to Chicago, but I'm going away with the girls in a few week to Palm Springs. Get aways are a must for tired mamas!

  3. Thanks for sharing that Garrett's with the Fosters ... yum-o! So many blessings for you to be thankful for this weekend. What a joy to be able to "brag" about your hubby and the time you were able to share with a friend!

  4. i made your black bean soup last night! HUGE SUCCESS!!!!! yummo and thanks! :)

  5. You do have a good man... my man will be with the 3 younger kiddos soon! Yikes. Does it make you nervous at all to leave the kids behind??

  6. I'm soooooo jealous!!! I didn't know you were doing that! Guess probably because I'm a terrible friend and forgot to call during our regularly scheduled weekly call last week!! :(
    There's always tomorrow to make it up to you, right??!?

  7. omgosh! lucky girl going to chicago!