Wednesday, May 11, 2011

embrace it: chocolate shake edition

every weekday at approximately 12:28PM I take Caleb to 4K.
one thing I can count on--
(even more than the school bus that will cut me off at the end of Linden St)

as soon as I pull away from the curbside drop off spot,
Matthias' big brown eyes will be staring back at me in the rearview mirror
requesting in the sweetest possible way....

and due ONLY to limited chocolate shake funds
and the sugar-free juju that (of course!) goes with it for me,
I've pre-determined to fulfill this request but once a week.
but it's really hard.
like 'squeeze the steering wheel
make myself turn right to go home and not left toward McD's on 59'
kinda hard.

but yesterday
yesterday was a chocolate shake kinda day
and boy, did we embrace it

                                                      Matthias and I sipping away midday 

Here's to weekly chocolate shake dates with my littlest man
and embracing the everyday memories that go with them.  
And a big, shout-it-out thank You to God for that precious gift.

have a SUPER thursday, my sweet blog readers

embrace the camera


  1. SO...I had a lot of blog-catching-up to do as I realized I haven't had a chance to check your site in a while! Of course I loved it (as usual) and you've brightened my day (as usual) so thank you! I especially enjoyed this story featuring Matt, his big brown eyes, and love for chocolate shakes! So sweet.

  2. Sometime you just have to do things like that to make special memories. He'll remember his chocolate shake days with mom. Very sweet.

  3. I still remember when I was sick, as soon as I got better my mom and dad would get me a chocolate shake.. it is one of my sweetest memories.. so special.

  4. such sweet memories are connected to food. i was just thinking about this the other day when wondering how much i should limit my kids' sweets. i have a friends that never allows them...kind of sad. everyone needs a good shake now and then, right? for my kids it is a slushie at sonic. they act like it is christmas morning when we get to go to sonic. ; )

  5. So sweet and what a fun memory for him! Love his sweet little eyes in that first picture, I can see how hard it would be to deny the request with those big puppy dog eyes staring at you.

  6. He looks very happy! So cute!

  7. who could resist a date like that! so sweet!

  8. so cute!! my girls LOVE chocolate shakes from "the yellow M place" :)

  9. so cute. my boys want icee's everyday and yeah i give in just once a week!

  10. Sweet memories. It's the little things, right?

  11. I totally understand the chocolate cake kinda days :-) last night was a chocolate cake kind of night for me and my hubby!

  12. YAY for chocolate shake kind of days!! Cute pictures!

  13. Mmmm.... that sounds so good right now.....

  14. That is a sweet way to enjoy a mid-day beverage I'll agree!