Sunday, May 8, 2011

frozen waffles and dandelions

my Mothers Day 2011 began at 12:01AM
Charity had a fever and we spent
ALL. NIGHT. on the couch
cuddling, praying, rocking, kissing
and then I crashed into bed at 6:00 and let Justin take over
I slept until 9:30 and woke up to 3 little guys
bringing me waffles, plenty of syrup, and hot coffee with Almond Joy creamer
oh, bliss

some precious bouquets found in our backyard
is there anything more quintessentially mommyhood
than putting dandelions in dixie cups?!
I was so proud.
and these were just the icing on the cake
I love daisies
and in my fav colors?!
sign me up mommyhood
(good job, Justin!)
we enjoyed a delish lunch at the Chocolate Factory
(how can you not love a place with such a great name?)
and I know
 my kiddos loved me even more for picking it

such a beautiful day called for a beautiful walk in the park
which is exactly what we did.

I'm so blessed.

A big happy mothers day to all who are in this journey with me
and to those who long to be a mommy,
my heart goes out to you, especially on a day like today.
 And I pray for you.


  1. What a precious day!!! Love the flowers :) hope your girl is feeling better!

    Happy mothers day!!

  2. Beautiful way to spend the day... minus the up all night. :)
    Happy Mother's Day to you as well!

  3. quintessentially-well spoken. Glad the daylight hours were fun.