Thursday, May 19, 2011

did you, by chance, ask me how my weekend was?!

"So, are you looking forward to going to Dallas?"
I got asked that a lot before this past weekend.
It was totally the wrong question and caught me off guard the first time it was asked.
Because (I actually forgot where I was going and...)
It wasn't about Dallas, Texas.
It was about My Girls 
You could've put me anywhere in the world this weekend and I would've been just as happy.
Just because I was with them.
my sweeter than sweet roomie from college was the hostess
of the Girls Weekend
and I knew we were in for a wonderful few days
when we arrived and she had made
salted caramel chocolate cupcakes
and the sweet smell of her nutmeg scented candle filled the air
if anyone knows how to make someone feel right at home
it's definitely Leah
we gathered around this table quite a few times
to eat a delicious meal that Leah had prepared ahead of time
--she makes some amazing food--
we took turns praying before each meal
I love listening to the prayers of these Jesus-loving friends and
I love being around the table with them
we were quite the crowd gallavanting around Dallas
fitting just perfectly in our candy apple red Ford Flex
driven by Katy who can navigate anywhere
(which is a blessing because I would've taken us in circles)
I hope she can laugh now about the airport exit incident
where we crossed over 4 lanes of traffic in under 1/4 mile
and I may have grabbed my seat belt unknowingly to keep from screaming
(I love you, Kates)
our time together was really about sharing moments
and we stayed up late both nights chatting
about everything
everything from getting babies to sleep later in the AM
to how to avoid the crazyness that seems to accompany menopause?!
(which seems to be right around the corner...)
we had absolutely no answers for that.  hmph
we also covered what God has been teaching us
through life, ministry, and the people He's placed in our lives
our love for Jesus is what ultimately makes us so close
and so sharing what's on our hearts comes so naturally when we're together
---did I mention I just love these girls?!---
I can't even begin to tell you how fun it was to watch
Katy's little girl, Nya, and Charity together
---they became fast friends---
Nya would crawl around to hang with Char at her level
and she taught her how to stand on her head
(something Charity hasn't stopped doing since)

Leah's hubby escaped to Chicago for the weekend (can you blame him?)
so her little guy, Knox, was completely outnumbered
surrounded by 4 women and 2 little girls
in a cozy 2 bedroom apartment
I love him already and fully embrace
the idea of an arranged marriage for my daughter
is it too early to begin gathering my 2 cows and 4 chickens for a dowry?
Knox was quite the hot stuff in his little walker--
he was able to navigate this thing over carpeting
and through small spaces
(even backing up and turning when needed)
and just look at those bluer than blue eyes
it was fun to watch my friends in their roles as mommys
Katy had been rocking single mommyhood since the tuesday before travel
(cause her hubby's a track coach and spring is his season to be gone...)
so I was in amazement as she took it all in stride
traveling with her sweetie pie, Nya,
and her little guy baking in her tummy (with aprox 112 days left!)
we tried to help her think of some names for him...
but I can't wait to hear the news of his birth
and what creative name the Wiens fam comes up with

and how do I even begin to describe our precious B
who has a heart for India
and the kiddos there who are orphans in one way or another
and specifically struggle with HIV
she has touched so many lives there
and it was so exciting to see her passion for her new project
when she goes back in mid-July
---I can't quite put into words her heart---
I used to describe it as one of platinum and that may well-fitting
but the depths to which her heart can love and wrestle with the injustices she's seen
and still pour out for the lives of the little ones she cares for
I know the other girls and I just thank God for the jewel she is in our lives

we ended the weekend gathered in the living room
eating just one last salted caramel cupcake
ok.  well, I'm not sure if we all indulged but I know I did!
we said something along the lines of
"Not everyone has the blessing of friendship like this"
what a fun weekend that I'd like to carbon copy
or put on repeat
if there was a possibility of DVRing it, I would....
but I'm so glad I can store up the memories forever

so, even though it's thursday I keep asking people,
"how was your weekend?"
hoping that maybe they'll ask me in return and I can brag on mine.
just a bit!
(p.s. Leah's version of the story is here, so beautifully written)

have a beautiful thursday.
(how was your weekend?)


  1. WAIT! You were in DALLAS and didn't tell me?! COME ON! I LIVE in the area!

  2. You all are so right... friendships like that are such a blessing and not many can say they have that kind of friendship.
    Blessings for many more years to come to you all-

  3. Girlfriends are the best! What a wonderful weekend you were blessed with!

  4. p.s. we'll take the cows and chickens!!!!

  5. I have a group of women in my life that I have known since grade school. We were out last night for our monthly "girls night out." How they fill the soul, recharge the battery, lift me up. What an amazing gift they are to me. Sounds like you girls had a blast!

  6. Looks like you had so much fun! How awesome you all got together!!:)

  7. wow what a fun weekend! i am in need of a girls weekend! so glad you got the chance to do that! :)

  8. Wow...those are all a fabulous looks like such a fun relaxing weekend!!!

  9. Ohhh, girl time is the BEST! And how exactly do you get them to sleep later?! I am on a need-to-know basis!

  10. What a fabulous time! Now I wanna pull out my calendar and call all of my girlfriends :)

  11. That sounds/looks like so much fuN!!!

  12. That is so, so sweet! So cool you all have babes about the same age!

  13. Yay! I'm so glad you got to go and that it was SO wonderful and refreshing! On an unrelated side note, I love the glass covered cake stand thing Leah had the yummy looking cupcakes in :)

  14. woohoo! looks like a blast!!
    what a treat to have such sweet friendships! xo