Tuesday, May 17, 2011

someone should've had a camera

last night at 10:36 PM Charity and I arrived back home in seat 21D on an airplane with a picture of an otter on the tail. 
someone really should've pulled out a camera and taken a pic of our excited but exhausted selves.  we were quite the sight with dissheveled hair, stained clothes, and tired eyes.

I would've happily snapped a pic of my 4 handsome guys awaiting our arrival....but I was wheeling a heavy bag I refused to check into baggage and pay a fee for, carrying an over-stuffed purse filled with approx. 5 pounds of graham crackers, a random assortment of items a one year old would find entertaining, and as much anti-bacterial gel as I could get away with through security.....oh. and also a half asleep little girl!

ahhh, this weekend.  what bliss.  my college roomie has blogged a teaser post about our fabulous Dallas weekend HERE.

today I plan on catching up on all the hugs and cuddles and conversations with my little guys.....
and yeah.  nap when they nap.  mercy will I nap when they nap. 

have a super tuesday!


  1. Good morning. I just took a peek at your college roomie's post... :)
    Happy napping today!
    P.S. I refuse to pay baggage fees too.

  2. Can't wait to hear about the trip!