Saturday, May 14, 2011

my dearest J

my dearest J,
today is your birthday and a perfect time to tell you
how incredibly much I love you
--thank you for loving me, too--
for being my soulmate and absolute best friend
I love that we get to live life together
on this great adventure that God has set before us
I thank Him everyday for the gift of you
but especially today

happy 31st birthday, Love!

to everyone else:  have a wonderful may 14th!


  1. What a great family picture! Have fun together today as a family! Happy Birthday Justin!

  2. That is a great family pic! Wish we could celebrate with you...but we'll have to wait until we come to Waukesha!!! :)

  3. That is a great family photo! Happy birthday to your husband... the icing on that cake looks scrumptious! We celebrate my husbands big 4-0 this week!!!

  4. Ah...what a great tribute to your hubby and what a beautiful family!