Friday, February 11, 2011

winner. random birthing kids info.

comment #14 : onesmallhappyfamily
yay for you!
To ALL of you commenters for GW:
thanks for all the smiles...
you all should have your own blog (hint, hint)
and make me smile everyday!

last night I made crockpot creamy chicken for
"Aunt Mindy Monday on Thursday" dinner
not as good as these crescants though
I'm totally addicted

Laurie makes statements to Justin BEFORE kiddos:
1)  "I want 5 kids someday...that's how many fit in a mini van"
2)  "I never want to give birth to a child in February"


#1--who cares how many seats are in the back of a mini van anyway
4 is good.  4 is even. 

#2--Thank You, Jesus, for knowing me way better than I know myself.
I can't think of a better way to make me smile in the dreary month of February
than to celebrate my firstborn's birthday

Have a super Friday, All!
only 17 days left of Feburary.....but who's counting


  1. AWw. I have a Feb. baby too. Tell yours happy birthday for me. :)
    P.S. recently when my husband and I were at the car show he loved a particular SUV that seats 8. I said, "oh, if we get this that means room for 2 more kids!"

  2. Yeah!! I can't believe how grown up Jon is...and that he's 8 years old now! And I do remember you saying, "If you have a mini van you might as well fill it up!"...or something like that :) You have four awesome kiddos, sis.

  3. Yay for me! You can wait to give me my prize at HAH if you want. I'm ready for February to be over too. But it's supposed to be 50 here tomorrow. Can't beat that!