Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Life is messy
And if I'm going to get messy
I'm glad to know you're beside me
 I love how you take my February Funk kinda day
And turn it around with the silly game you made me play
               And this crazy photo shoot that spontaneously erupted
                             And the answer I knew you'd give
                   when I asked you the question from Mom Time
I love you like old people love chicken
But even more importantly
I love you more than I love chocolate
And....I know
I'm cooler than the flip side of your pillow

I love you, Justin

Are these sweet or what?!
And the proceeds of these homemade goodies
 support missions of a local church in my city
Double sweet.
Just leave me a comment.
Tell me something about yourself in an attempt to make me smile.
I assure you, that's not a difficult task so don't be bashful.
Really, all comments make me smile.
Have you never done a GIVEAWAY WEDNESDAY before?!
(I'll announce the winner on Friday)



  1. Even though I feel like I jinx my chances of winning by commenting first, I'll comment first anyway :) Random fact about me: I'm probably the only person in the world who is sad that the "am" radio part of their minivan is broken as this prevents me from listening to sports talk radio!

  2. We read this random fact at dinner last night-
    How long is the attention span of a gold fish?
    3 seconds... :) Random. I know. Did it make you smile?
    Have a happy day-

  3. So, I don't know how FUNNY this will be but, I can't screw on tops of jars! My husband teases me about it all the time! They are always crooked :)

  4. So you said.. "make you smile" as opposed to make you laugh.. so here goes: Little man is scooting himself out of his playgym and onto the floor. Big sis is talking so much now. Her newest word (not because of Mommy or Daddy, but because of Nana/Papa and Ama/Ampa) is "Coffee". She sees the cup and she will point to it and say what is in there. =) That one was for you Laurie!!

  5. From the old H5N Quote Sheet, which I will save forever... (Let's see, which to choose...these are good.)

    "They may both burn calories, but laughing doesn't involve germs." -Bethany

  6. Well your kids are darn cuties! And I love your giveaway!!

    I must go, Emerson has said 'mommy!' over 45 times. SMILE!

  7. I don't like trees in my yard. They are messy, and buggy. I like Fridays because they take away all the trash from the week and we start the weekend fresh.

  8. I loved that you told your husband that you love him more then old people like chicken... I always tell my hubby that I love him more then an alcoholic love liquor or more then bees love honey! I know the alcoholic statement is tacky but it cracks him up when I think of new weird ones... and it is just us talking... well now I posted it on the web to tell you so I guess it's not just us anymore... but oh well!

  9. Random fact about me that may make you smile...Hmm...Whenever I hear the song 'Come Sail Away' I always think about the series premier of Freaks and Geeks, and about half the time I tell people that it played at the end of the episode.

  10. Random Fact: I (I mean "our family", but, who are we kidding, I picked them out :)) got Caleb trio blocks for his birthday once! Also, I'm afraid of moths, have never mowed a lawn, and read the end of pretty much every book I read first (Ive only regretted it twice)!

  11. I love wrapping gifts of all kinds. Sometimes it will take me well over an hour to wrap one gift and that is o.k. with me.

  12. I loved your apple chicken soup from Rock the Crock. I took it to work today and it got rave reviews here too. Definitely smile worthy, you made lots of peoples' days!

  13. Those are super cute, cuz they look like a dress that would be cute to wear in the summer... if you were very very short...
    but at least you're thinking about summer now!;)

  14. Hmm...something funny?
    I once broke a glass table trying to impress a guy I liked. I sat on the very edge of it and I shifted my weight. CRACK!!! How terribly embarassing!!