Monday, February 21, 2011

lovely moments

lovely is watching your kiddos giggle
as "Despicable Me" begins to play in Spanish
during a 2 hour car ride
to celebrate a niece's birthday

lovely is watching the look in your daughter's eyes
when she gets so excited to see Daddy come home
after being gone only 15 minutes

lovely is double cheddar cheese popcorn
chocolate eclair dessert
(recipe tomorrow)
while watching Jack Bauer save the world one hour at a time
during the last season of 24
after the kiddos are in bed for the night

what makes your life lovely?
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  1. this was so sweet :) I love your daughter's face when her daddy comes home! just precious!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my site and your sweet words! Have a great Monday :) And I will defintiely be stopping back for that recipe.

  3. Oh and I forgot to say that my kids are the exact opposite of yours. 3 girls, 1 boy all under 8.

  4. Oh good golly that snack sound AMAZING! I will be checking in tomorrow!!