Thursday, February 24, 2011

my baby boy and I

here is Matthias embracing the camera all by himself
he's talented like that, with the flash and everything
making his nostrils kinda glow

we went on our hot cocoa date last night
my baby boy and I

we sipped our hot cocoa (and chai tea latte, shot of vanilla)
and chatted about Bubble Guppies
have you seen this new show
my Matthias is OB.SESSED.
I love how his eyes light up when he tells me it's his fav show

I'm definitely going to have to teach this boy to let the girls down sweetly
just one look at those big browns and you know
many a girl is going to get lost in those eyes
I do, anyway
I love how he just puts his hand on my knee as he talks to me about
well.....Bubble Guppies
and that his favorite color is red, like his red Wisconsin shirt
he's got the cutest, chubby little fingers
I love asking him,
"who's the ONLY ONE who loves you more than Mommy?"
that's right, Matthias
He's the Only One who loves you more than me
Because I love you more than you'll ever be able to understand
my little man is such a helper
we "hit the list" after our Startbucks drinks convenient we were already inside Target
and that Coke was on sale
my helper insisted on loading the 12 packs himself on the bottom of the cart
he also insisted on pushing the cart
which he couldn't see above the top
which made a lot of fellow shoppers laugh as all they could see was a moving shopping cart
I would've snapped a pic but was afraid an elderly woman
or a shelf of shampoo bottles
would've been knocked down in the process of my son pushing the cart without direction from me
verbal direction, of course, because he insisted on pushing it himself
what a gentleman
embrace the camera

happy Thursday, Blogger Buddies!
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Love, Laurie for the fam


  1. we have EVERY SINGLE bubble guppies on the DVR and georgia kate has watched each one no less than 10 times.....oh well at least it's cute:) your boy is a doll.

  2. I LOVE this! How sweet is your little hot chocolate date!? I can't wait for those :)
    Also, thanks for the sweet comment again. I haven't heard of that book! I'll have to check into it!

  3. the one of his holding his starbucks make me weepy. SO precious!

  4. I love the hand picture. Mommy/son dates are so important! So cute!!!

  5. soooo sweet! Looks like you had a great time!

  6. What a perfect night! And you are so right, his brown eyes are killer =)

  7. little kids holding starbucks cups always make me laugh. it's such a grown-up thing to do!

  8. so cute!! i love the starbucks date :)

  9. Looks so fun! Love the drinking picture :)))

  10. love that you took the camera on your date! how special and fuN!

  11. Bub,bub,bubble,gup,gup,guppies! You should hear Mya sing the song! Too cute! I'm right there with Sarah B. EVERY episode on DVR and watched too many times to count! Did you know they have new ones next week? Can't wait!

  12. Goodness, gracious me. I have got to find this new show! It is all I am hearing about. My littles are missing out!! :)