Monday, February 14, 2011

Justin speaks....

I'm handing over the computer to my wonderful hubby today. 
I'm going to resist the urge to edit and correct any spelling or grammar errors should there be any
(lol.  I corrected the guy's college papers.... )
But I just love him so much, my sweet Valentine who still makes me smile each and every day.
So take it away, Hon. 
And just hit "publish post" at the end.
Happy Valentines Day, All!
  Today is Valentines Day.  I'm glad about that.  You see, this women that you have been getting to know through blog land, I have been getting to know for many years.  She is more real and genuine than anyone else I know.  So it is pretty cool that she has chosen me be to be her husband. She is fun to be around.   It is not very often that we go crazy on the town, you know like goin' clubbing or something.  To be honest, we've never been clubbin'.  I would say that we have danced like we were up in the club in our kitchen.  Throw a little Black Eyed Peas on youtube and it is pretty much a rave.  I think.  Never been to one of those either, but if I was, I think it would be like that.
  We will probably go to a movie and eat at the food court at the mall that the theater is connected to.  Before you boo me for being less then romantic on v-day, you have to realize that it is us.  I bet you that we will have more fun and better conversation than the people who are sitting uncomfortably in a ritzy restaurant and trying to make the most of the night out.  So we will take the time to be us, you know, do what we do.    
  The thing that I like the best about my wife is that she likes me fore me.  I don't have to try and impress her, though I will try like heck to look hot, she will think that I am handsome either way.  I don't have to have a witty joke or a captivating story, though I will try to be entertaining and make her laugh and give me the look that only she can that lets me know that she is still into me, she will still think that I am worthy of a bat of her eye lashes.  I don't have to be suave and smooth, though I might try the old stretch and put my arm around her, she will still hold my hand in public.  That makes me feel pretty good.  Having a special girl like that on my arm makes me walk taller and smile a little bigger.  She is special.
  I know that my wife has Tutorial Tuesdays but here is something that she can teach you.  Make your husband/boyfriend or wife/girlfriend feel special.  She does that for me and it makes me a better man.  You can do that for your man.  He might not be perfect, Heavens knows that I'm not perfect, but she sees the best in me.  Many nights we will look at each other and say, "Why do you love me today?"  It's cool because we think through the day and take time to remember/acknowledge the things that the other person did for us or others that makes us love them.  There is always a lot to say.  Try that tonight and see how it goes.  It could be pretty special for you. 

Love you Laurie, you're the best!


  1. Aww. I think that is a Valentine's present right there. A guest post from your man! 2 cute! Have a great day with your loves~

  2. What a sweet idea! And sweet hubby!

  3. How sweet! But I think Laurie should stick to blogging and Justin to whatever else.
    Have a great day, you two!!
    Love ya and miss ya!

  4. You two area great together, no doubt.