Friday, February 18, 2011

Victorias Secret....Laurie sounds off

Have you all been wondering since GIVEAWAY WEDNESDAY
How many muscles it takes to smooch?! 

wow.  I'm wondering if that cancels out the need to use the tready.  hmmm.  I'm not holding my breath.  BUT......I'm getting ready to start rocking the treadmill again.  Remember my 500 miles in 2011?  I really hate New Years Res that are over by the end of January, but that is exactly what happened.  I BUST-ED my calve muscles.  Doc told me to rest them up for 4-6 weeks which, while making me cranky, really did take that long to stop hurting.  BOO.  Maybe a new goal of 425 miles?!  We'll see....

what else do you want to know? 
oh, yeah.....probably the winner of GIVEAWAY WEDNESDAY
I know I do.  Hold on a sec while I go over to and pick a winner.....
pnickels  You are the winner....Yay for you! 
I'm excited to giveaway these sweet encouragement notes.  I love DaySpring cards!
What is this, another promo?! 
But I'll tell you what I will not promote:

Victorias Secret

Yesterday, I took my 3 youngers to the mall to pick up this picture taken at JCPenney Portraits:
(it's a pic of a pic....with a little wall on the bottom)
A-dorable, right?!  Anyways, let's not get distracted from the story.  Soo....
here's a pic of us eating our lunch at the food court (yes, I brought our food with us.  that's allowed, right?!  well, my frugal self allows it anyways)

am I losing you in the story?  Here it is.....why Laurie James is not a fan of Victoria Secret. 
It's no secret that scantily (sp?) clad women are ALL. OVER. the billboards of the outside of the store.  And in our mall, you walk down one side of the store and up the other side to get to the food court. 
sooo.......I'm having to shield my boy's eyes from these bigger-than-them sized pics of clothes-less women in order to walk in the mall.
My precious boys that I don't want to see this kind of stuff. 
Caleb had remembered from the last time we were at the mall that we don't "look at the girls in their underwear" and he already had his eyes closed and, in turn, began walking "off course" before I even mentioned anything.  I may or may not have had several people smile at us as they realized what was going on.  Caleb said "underwear" a little loud with his eyes covered (it's that whole over-compensation thing....) 
Dramatic?  maybe.  But I'm going to be dramatic when it comes to shielding my boys eyes from visions I don't want them to behold now or later
Do you know how many marriages Justin and I have seen STRUGGLE over our years in ministry because of that awful P word infiltrating a marriage?!  (yes, it affects a marriage....if you didn't know....k?)
I'm not so sure I can even recall a number off the top of my head.  
Am I on a tangent?!  You had better believe it. 
I pray for my boys all. the. time as they live in this world where sex is the key to advertisement, and strewn all over the world.wide.web (etc, etc, etc) that they will be able to keep a mind free from all the images that surround them. 
Victoria's Secret, it's no secret that you are not helping me in this mission.  I'm a little cranky at you for this.
Wow.  I'm not usually a tangent blogger.  But there I went.  And there was no stopping me. 
I'm not really asking for comments telling me you disagree with me and why.  This isn't really something that is up for discussion.  If you want to give me a "shout out" in agreement for my concern for what my boys eyes encounter, go ahead.  Give me a high five across blogland why don't you.
If you've never considered this aspect of motherhood before, if you've never considered it your "mama mission" to help protect those baby blues from scantily clad bodies of airbrushed to perfection women....I challenge you to give it a thought.  
hmmmm.  I'm done.

oh, wait.  I have one more thing... 
Upwards Basketball
It totally rocks and teaches basketball and the Bible at the same time.
Sportsmanship as it relates to living your life for Jesus in all aspects.
Jon loves it anyway.  And he's a good play-ah if I do say so myself.
He may have the whole "height advantage" thing going on, being "off the charts" and all
(took him for his 8 yr check up wednesday)
But he's a good shot, too
And last Saturday the cousins had a little rivalry thing going on.
Same colored wristbands and all (if you know Upwards, you know what I'm talkin about)

Tomorrow's another game......
Go Grizzlies!

Have a SUPER weekend

Love, Laurie for the fam


  1. A.) I heart you and your blog!
    B.) That picture of the kids is wildly adorable!
    C.) Props to you for having the boys start young keeping their eyes closed; you can't start too early.
    D.) Along those lines, I tell Aaron pretty much every time we watch a sporting event that I would genuinely consider myself a failure as a mother if any of our daughters was a "dancer" for a professional sports team. Really...I would.

  2. yes it seems the shieding covers so many areas these days. commercials.. large sexy billboards..even friends who say if you don't have silly bamds you maybe are actualy not worthy of breathing. ;) amongst the shielding..which i do.. i often think about the fact that one day my hand won't be there... there hand won't be there.. i have to speak to their heart. i have to shovel in the truth of who they are in christ. that they ar enot less than.. they are more than conquerers! they don't need to listen when everything in this world whispers to them what they need. i try desperately every single day... to peel back the fakeness and show them that it is really all emptiness. sadness. discontent. so that when that moment ultimately does come... their heart yearn for the deep. the more. the best. thanks for the great reminder today! :)

  3. okay, yes 40 degrees is warm here! Last week it was 4 degrees!

    SO we have had a radical weather change! haha

    love your blog and your little perfectly cute family!!
    && love that you love Jesus!!

  4. You go girl, endorse purity all the way.

  5. THAT PICTURE IS FABULOUS!!!!! I hope you got a really big one because I can't imagine anything cuter!

  6. Good habits start young. Way to go! High Five!!

  7. *Pshhh!* (This is the sound effect we make every time we high five Nya, which she now makes as well)

    And, please save one of your three for my daughter. Please. I'll give you goats or cows or chocolate...

  8. Oh, Friend. The picture on your wall is so sweet!
    And Yes, you can count on a high five from me. Having 3 boys myself, I am in total agreement!
    Have a great weekend too... :)

  9. I just LOVE that picture of the kids and I can't wait to see the one your wall :) So very sweet. And here's a high five for hatin' on VS! Their advertisements that inundate the mall are a disgrace. And I noticed the other day that other stores are beginning to take the same approach. Gap, for instance, had a scantily clad woman of its own hanging floor to ceiling outside the store for all to see.