Thursday, February 3, 2011


"Matthias, will you please hold your head up for the picture?" 
(I love how literal kids are!)

before the James boy buzz

after the James boy buzz

snow day = haircuts for the boyz of the house
(even Justin participated but I failed to snap pics of his before and after)
This pretty girl and I did not participate in the buzz cuts. 
Charity is so close to crawling
and it's going to happen any. day. now. 
Her world and mine is about to drastically change.

Happy (Snow-filled) Thursday, All!

p.s. I'd like to direct you on over to this pretty blog here.  Abbi is so sweet to speak kind words on my blog yesterday.  I enjoy seeing all the precious pics of her little ones.....and I enjoy the ever-changing look of her blog!  Thanks, Abbi.  I don't know how we found each other either, but thanks for being my blogger buddy!

have you entered Lisa's giveaway yet?!


  1. I love the first picture! So funny and cute! :)

  2. You are right. The crawling phase is so much more busy and fun all at the same time. They are 'usually' so much happier when they have that new found independence- She is just adorable.
    BTW- you did have a busy day yesterday! Good job on the haircuts.

  3. Thanks for the comment! You motivated me to update both my blogger profile and blog header. Hopefully I'll become a more frequent blogger before too long! You have a beautiful family and a fun blog:)