Wednesday, December 8, 2010

good things come in little packages.

The first couple of years we celebrated Jesus' birthday as the James fam,
I made a special cake or pie that we'd put a candle in and sing
"Happy Birthday" to Jesus.

One Christmas
(the one when I had a 3 year old, 10 month old...and was prego. yeah...)
I forgot...until we were in the car on our way to our Christmas Eve service.
No problem. I'd just stop on the way home and grab something from the grocery store.
Give a prego woman a break, right?!
Problem: By the time we left the service, all grocery stores had closed for the holiday.
Wait a minute.....what is that glow?

Beautiful. A Christmas miracle.

As Justin exited the building with the
Thornton Gas Station box of
Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes,
I smiled an "exhausted baker, tired mommy, keeper of traditions,
problem of the missing birthday cake solved" kinda smile.
Some traditions you just have to keep. Stress-free ones?!
Definite keepers.

Birthday Cake for Jesus 2010
(not from Thornton Gas Station, but stress-free none-the-less)

It's my way of having my cake and eating it, too.

Have a super day in this Christmas season--
keepin it really about Jesus, All!


  1. It truly was a festivus miracle that year! Happy Festivus to the rest of us!

    Love the christmas tree cakes. Only thing better would've been christmas tree Peeps. Mmmmm

    Btw make sure Justin isn't alone after his upcoming weekend beatdown. He'll need comforting after Double D brings his House of Pain!!!

  2. Christmas eve we have started a "tradition" of going to the local skating rink to go ice skating. I love to make cakes but we usually have too much baked things around to begin with so I like your idea.

  3. Like the idea of the Christmas little debbie cakes. We used to make a cake when the kids were younger know we read the Legend of the Candy Cane. I love having Christmas at our house so we dont have to hurry up & open presents & leave & run somewhere else. This way the girls can play w/ their new gifts while I get lunch going for the family.

  4. Ok...this post definitely makes me feel a lot better about the fact that instead of baking Christmas cookies this year we are going to a local bakery for a cookie exchange. We're going as a whole family and we get to taste all the cookies at the bakery (which is like 20 different varieties) and then take home 12 dozen of the cookies we like best. I usually always look forward to Christmas baking, but this seems like a much better option for us this year!

  5. Fun! :) We don't have a lot of Christmas traditions established yet in our own little family yet...time to start making some now with the new baby! This is giving me some good ideas. :) ♥leahb

  6. Only traditions we have so far are going to church on Christmas Eve, then going over to my in-laws. Started out as a "Christmas Movie Night" with pizza and Santa's visit.. and now is our Christmas Celebration with Santa's visit. We all make foods to bring, this year it is "snacks!!" I am excited... I CAN DO snack foods!!

  7. Stress free = ready to make ornaments from Target! A little package for $2, all the already-cut-out pieces to make Christmas ornaments. Nya, Chloe and I made penguins with little stocking caps, and googly eyes. Stress free! So fun!

  8. I like making oreo truffles, because they taste amazing and are so easy!

  9. Not too many traditions around here yet either! We always go to the in-laws for Christmas Eve but my family usually gets together in January. So that helps ease the stress by spreading it out and not having to go everywhere in 1 or 2 days!

  10. Singing Tree, Tree Christmas Tree as we cut down our evergreen to grace the family living room. Ask J. I'm sure he'll cringe!

  11. Caroling is a definitely spreads the joy and helps focus on the reason for the season.

    Also, we must have appetizers on Christmas Eve. No worries about making a big meal...just quick and easy finger food which means more time to enjoy being together!
    Erin Henriksen