Thursday, December 16, 2010

the stache

When you see the purple stache do you immediately think of Napoleon Dynamite's side-kick?
Well, that was my first thought at least.
I caught this kiddo in the middle of giving his bigger brother the same purple facial markings...oh my
Wondering about the giveaway results? Wonder no more.
The True Random Number Generator has selected comment #12, belonging to Holly.
The very Holly who was given credit for the wonderful lemon butterfly cookies in yesterday's post.
Congrats, Holly! Way to be commenter #12!
You will share, right?! I know where you live...

A big THANK YOU to all who participated. Reading all your answers of things you pair with chocolate made me want to go out and buy a pint of strawberries, and of raspberries and pull out the bag of pretzals from the pantry and sit down with a bowl full of fondue chocolate. With a cup of coffee, of course. YUM.
Have a super Thursday, All!
p.s. want to leave a comment on today's post? no one ever does on a thursday, you know. It's like the silent post after the giveaway wednesday storm...


  1. Ohh I can certainly comment on your blog! Except I don't have much to say other than I enjoy reading it!:)

  2. Can I join you in fondue fun, but with a glass of milk.

  3. Your family should be banned from commenting on giveaway Wednesday! They always win! NO FAIR!!

  4. i won!!! :) can't wait to receive my reese's trees...yum. i might share. we'll see ;) thanks for the treat!!
    love the stache...and that face is sooo a "matt face" it!

  5. Love that photo. I wish you didn't stop the making of the stache on his brother ;)
    That would have been even funnier ;)