Saturday, December 4, 2010

candy cane phenomena

Typical Caleb look.
He's pretty stoked that 2 candy canes together equals a heart.
Hey--it's revolutionary for a 4ker, don't you know.
Happy Saturday to all you Blogger Buddies out there.
Now the James fam is off to save the world one bell ring at a time
....catch you later!


  1. great tutorial! and i LOVE that pic of Caleb. speaking of giveaway wednesdays...i LOVE them, too!! in fact, I'm still SO bummed that I didn't win this week!!! i really wanted that Christmas did such a great job on those decorations, I'm totally impressed. I even had a special spot picked out in our apartment for it if I won! :) just goes to show what a great prize you gave away. love you, sis.

  2. How was the chili dump?? Talk to ya Wednesday!!