Monday, December 20, 2010

tour my Christmas-y house

Hey Blogger Buddies,
I was wondering if you'd like a tour of my home? Well....some of it.
My fav Christmas decorations of the season at least.
My Christmas village makes me feel a mix of total "old soul" and "kid at heart."
I LOVE, love, love my village. I look forward to setting it up every year and I take time every day to watch the ice skaters go round and round on their magical little ice rink.
It's the first thing I plug in each morning. Before the coffee pot. Whoa, right?!
The boys enjoy it, too. My bowl full of headless, armless people is growing and I need to get out the crazy glue already...

Here's a kitchen wall and I'm really liking how this arrangement turned out. Seriously, this CHRISTmas sign reminds me to keep the season about Jesus. I love how the letters line up on the sign. Just part of my homemade Christmas this year!

Here's a view above my kitchen sink. I'm thinking of making that a-mazing smelling peppermint soap a permanent thing.
What do you think?
Peppermint soap of love in February
St. Paddy's Peppermint in March
Peppermint of Easter to cover the spring months
4th of July Mint for summer
It could work...
The gumdrop wreath catches the glow of the tree. I can barely see what I'm typing right now because that's pretty much the only light in the room. The gumdrop wreath is fun to make. Really.
If you have some help. And a lot of patience. And time on your hands...
But look how pretty it is!
Ahhh, Precious Moments. Classic collectible of the 80s and 90s... Baby Jesus looks super sweet in this nativity set don't you think?

Have a super day. Enjoy the last few days of this wonderful season!
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  1. Thanks for the toue. It looks really cute on line too.