Tuesday, December 14, 2010

TT Gumdrop Wreath

I've wanted to make this Gumdrop Wreath for a long time now.....ever since I saw it here on Martha's site.
But Martha, Martha, Martha
White is boring
And I don't have the desire to sit and make my rows of gumdrops super straight like you.
So here's my version. I just want to eat it.
But not really because I enjoy looking at it.
And it smells super sweet--which I wasn't counting on.
Happy Tutorial Tuesday, All...

Gumdrop Wreath
Gumdrops (it actually took me 3 1/2 bags this size)
Styrafoam wreath (40% off Michaels coupon. boo. yeah.)
Ribbon (just a small piece to hang wreath)
Break your toothpicks in half and put the broken end in the middle of the gumdrops. Push the pointed end into the styrafoam.
I was really glad to get some help on this. I'm not a "putsy craft" kinda girl and this craft was pushing the limit....
However, when I noticed my middler licking one of the gumdrops he was put on "Observe Only" status.

It's really pretty easy to space them as they are a squishy candy to work with. You can pretty much squeeze a gumdrop into the space you want it to fit.
Whew. I was worried Martha made her rows super straight for a reason. Nope. She's just like that. You go, Martha. There's a reason you rock the crafty world.
I found that making these flower looking patterns over and over again helped with making sure I wasn't having 2 gumdrops of the same color touching each other.
I was particular about that. A girl's gotta have her standards, you know.
Cover all styrafoam except the back. You don't want a sticky wall, do you?
Okay. How fun is that all lit up by our Christmas tree?
I love this time of year! Thank You, Jesus, for a Wonderful Reason to celebrate!


  1. Very cute. We'll be trying (and probably eating) this one.

  2. Looks great!!! You are the next Martha!!

  3. I love this wreath. Especially since I'd never eat a gumdrop ;)
    Looks so happy and bright.