Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day
to the best dad I could ever pick
for our kiddos.
Thanks for leading this family
with love and wisdom
and modeling integrity in a way thats (sadly) rare these days.
I thank God for a godly man by my side
as we raise our kiddos to seek Him.

Love you, Justin!

Hope you enjoyed your celebration friday night
complete with a Fazoli's dinner
handmade cards
and all the varieties of BBQ sauce a Grill Master could ever want
You're the BEST!

to everyone who checks this blog:
have a super day!


  1. Hope you all had a great day together!

  2. Integrity; sadly rare these days. Amen. And thank the Lord he has 3 boys to model that integrity too; praying for three more boys with integrity as they grow... from one moma of 3 boys (and a husband with integrity, thank the Lord) to another.

  3. Awe! Sw sweet, looks like a great Father's Day!

  4. so sweet! boys and bbq sauce love, sounds about right;)
    so thankful for men of integrity-let's always keep them in prayer!

    hope your week is joy filled! xo

  5. that first picture might just be the cutest thing i've ever seen!