Thursday, June 30, 2011

embrace the camera and some kinda cool drink

embracing the camera with the whole fam today
my mom will take any chance she gets to capture a posed pic
and after Jon's game last week was one of those times
--thanks, mom, for capturing the memories--
do you ever find yourself not appreciating
a family picture at the time
but then a year or two later it's completely priceless?
guilty here!

I read this post HERE
and I was like
so I had to check it out for myself.

and it's true.
it works and you really get a  patriotic looking drink.
I let it sit for an entire hour and it stayed that way.
cool stuff, huh?
now I'm totally taking this stuff to my nephew's 11th birthday party
(he's a firecracker, born on the 4th of July)
and I'm going to win
I just know it
(sorry, Holly)

I even had Caleb taste-test it
--and he approves--
maybe a little sour, but good stuff....

Go check out the deets on how to make it HERE
(it involes knowing sugar grams and pouring directly on the ice)
then go rock your 4th of July BBQ
with all YOUR coolness.

have a SUPER day to all stopping by this here blog bout the James fam
--we're hitting up the park today with some new friends--
woot, woot


  1. Cute family picture! And super cool beverage! Might have to give that one a try :)

  2. Glad to see u liked the drink & it worked for u! When u drink it the girls found its not as sour if u mix it but then it wont look as pretty

  3. I always critique how I look in family photos and love them a few years later. So true. That drink is awesome! Your nephew will be so thrilled.

  4. wow that is a super cool drink!

  5. That is something I've got to try... my 3 boys are gonna love it I'm sure. Well, and probably our daughter as well!
    Posed pictures with the family come just about every holiday for us- it is how I can work it in without 'a lot' of fuss. And you are right. I always like them later... ;)

  6. that is such a cool drink! I'm def going to have to try it this weekend!

  7. I'll have to try that drink! Yes, family photos are hard, but that one's cute!

  8. Heck yah you're going to win the coolest Aunt ever award! That drink is awesome! And I love your sporty selves all lined up in that family pic! You are just too cute friend!

  9. That drink looks so fun, and of course, cute pic! I googled how to make hearts, and on my Mac, I just go to "Edit" and then "Special Characters". There are tons to choose from there.

  10. get out of here with that drink???!!! totally making those. too cute.

  11. So cool! I may have to try that. Does Cran-Grape work, I wonder?
    Here is the cake I am making for the weekend. Although I am just do cupcakes and layer the colors.

  12. cute family photo!
    that drink is crazy face awesome!
    happy independence day, laurie! xo