Monday, June 27, 2011

making nut clusters

if Charity ever doubts her brothers love for her
I'm breaking these pics out
I'm pretty sure nothing says love to a little girl
like a tea party complete with ritz crackers
--LOVE it--
 on a completely different note
the boys and I have been having some baking days
to while away the rainy summer days
 they looked through some cookbooks
 found some recipes that looked good
---I put the ingredients on the grocery list----
and we got all the stuff
 let the baking begin!
so far we've made a chocolate bundt cake
and nut clusters (pictured here)
Caleb is excited to make some 'stoplight' brownies
 those will be baked up soon
(very soon)

has anyone else been eating outside every chance possible?!

 A cup of lemonade spilled outside
is a complete miracle.
It doesn't raise my stress level at all.

have a super day
spilling all the lemonade you want


  1. Yummy! I'm hungry for something sweet-
    The last picture of Charity is beautiful.

  2. We have been eating every lunch and dinner outdoors when possible. You really need to see our yard! Soooo much different than last year! Very tired of rain here. We have mushrooms growing everywhere, it's so damp. Yuck! Save some goodie making for when we're there! P.S. Love Char's dress! Looks familiar...

  3. we LOVE packing up and heading over to the park for meals-we live downtown, so nowhere to eat outdoors at home:) so fun!
    love the tea party!! brothers are the best, way to go guys!

    and yummo treats-recipes please! xo