Thursday, June 2, 2011

minty refreshment

I've really had a craving desire for some mint water
(any woman in child-bearing age knows exactly why I crossed out that word above, right?!)

I have been wanting to make my very own
ever since I had some at my neighbor's house last summer

so I googled 'mint water' and thought I'd come up with Paula Dean's
super-duper recipe or something
well, I'm no expert googler but all I found was this little
(not very helpful) tutorial HERE
so, whatever, I took the knowledge I had and went with it
see this pic here of me crushing the mint leaves with the back of a spoon?
I was surprised at the crunching noise it made.
I'm really hoping that crushing those leaves did something magical.

because I'm really wanting some refreshing mint water
as I "garage sale it up" all day
I was totally planning on making this pimped out water in the AM
but the directions (vague as they are) do clearly state
to refrigerate the refreshment overnight....

so you can admire, along with me,
my icy minty water
getting all set for my garage sale
between the diet cokes and the lemonade


have a super day today
drinking whatever makes you smile!


  1. Now I have a...desire...for minty water! How did it turn out?

  2. Oooh...yum! We planted some mint in our garden, so I'm going to run out and pick some and make some water! you sweeten it or drink it as is?

  3. Becky--it was super tasty and I've been enjoying it that way all weekend
    Nikki--I did not sweeten it and I liked it that way! Hope you guys had a chance to try it :)