Friday, June 17, 2011

8 on 16

8:00AM coloring together
I hope those are washable markers
there's this fun link up called 10 on 10
where you take 10 pictures throughout your day
on the 10th of the month
totally fun
I totally forget

so here's just a little glimpse of our day

Matthias plays a little T-ball in the backyard
he's a riot to watch, especially rockin that batters helmet!
11:00 AM
to the park we go
in all our transportation modes...

11:30 AM 
Charity was a fan of the park swings

Jonathan and I play Clue while the others nap
*he beat me for the first time
chillin on the couch together
with oyster crackers, the tv on, and an exciting computer game
5:15 PM
Jonathan has a baseball game
2 doubles and 1 single (way to go, Jon!)
9:00 PM
kiddos are in bed
blogging, BBW, and The Mentalist

a great ending to a beautifully great summer vacay day

---here's to another one just like it---
have a super friday, all!


  1. Aww. Loved seeing your day in pics! Jonathan has a great swing and is obviously a great detective as well... I love Clue! I beg my kids to play-
    Have a good weekend, friend.

  2. great pics-sweet helmet!!
    i love to play clue, we don't own it, i think i will pick it up soon and play!