Thursday, June 9, 2011

it's the end and the beginning all rolled into one

this picture cracks me up
Caleb is so completely stoked at the End of School Carnival
he can barely contain himself
that he's about to jump in the Mickey Mouse Bouncy House
life doesn't get any better than this for a preschooler, you know
Matthias was pretty excited, too....
but in his own Matthias way--a little more subdued
(a big shout out to all the other carnival-goers in this pic.  welcome to my blog!)

and as if life couldn't get any better at a Carnival
they enjoyed ice cold popsicles when they were done jumping their hearts out
Jonathan was the cool dude 2nd grader
who was not into bouncy houses any more
but hung out with his friends at the carnival games
among the 20-something tattoos he won
he also got his little sister a pinwheel at one of the games
she really thought it was the best thing ever
(can you tell we have figured out the "cheesy smile"?!)
and so with a end of the school year carnival
comes the last day of school.
no one warned me that it's just as hard to watch your 2nd child
graduate from preschool as it was to do it the first time
full day kindergarten in the fall?!
I'm just not ready for it
(but Caleb sure is!)
and I just had to get a pic of the back of Jon's (baseball) shirt
can you read what it says?
--this ball second grader is going out and it ain't coming back--

hilarious that he came up with that on his own.

and so we begin summer vacation around here
we counted up the days--84
my kids felt totally jipped that Phineas and Ferb told them there'd be 104
sorry, guys
don't believe everything you watch on cartoons
first lesson of summer break with teacher Mom

have a super day, all!


  1. carnivals!! LOVE!
    sweet kiddos and that shirt is a crack up! LOL

  2. How fun. That shirt is hilarious. And now I want to go count how many days we have off for summer. : )

  3. theres a hundred and four days of summer vacation.....

    somehow i'm not surprised i knew exactly what you were talking about...

  4. LOVE the cheesy smile!:) So cute

  5. The end of the school year is full isn't it?
    Yikes! It is hard going through the end of school each grade each year for me however, I must say of all the times so far this year with our oldest entering HS now was the hardest.
    Love that shirt and how creative of him to come up with that!

  6. that first picture is too much!! so cute. and what he wrote on his shirt? classic!!