Tuesday, April 12, 2011

people are far too kind to pregnant women.
but really I only say that from my own personal observations as a prego
do you know how many people told me I "glowed" at this point?
(and let me tell you.....this was still about 2 months shy of Char's birth)
and yes.  yes I did edit the photo on picnik
 to erase 1 of my 3 chins

but I was a happy prego
and if you may indulge me in my reminiscing for just a moment...
(well, actually this whole post)
I need to take a little trip down memory lane
because tomorrow.
well, let's not even talk about tomorrow today
because you don't really want to see me breakdown and cry do you?!

today I celebrate my baby girl
and the time she spent in my womb
and the many chocolate bars we ate together
well, actually my nightly craving of an orange with a glass of chocolate milk
(I had no idea how gross that was until after she was born, k?)
I also indulged in an insane amount of Smoothie King
at the end of my pregnancy
having read on the internet that pineapple juice may bring on labor
yeah right.
I bake my kiddos right up until the end
(which, I know, is a blessing.  but still.  an uncomfortable one)
lesson:  don't believe everything you read on the internet

do you want to know about the day I found out I was having a baby
that was such a fun day.
it was the first ultrasound (ever)
that Justin wasn't able to come with me (boo)
and I was going in for an unscheduled ultrasound
we had already talked about finding out baby #4's gender
if the ultrasound tech could tell
I remember her asking me if I could tell
for all the times I thought a brain was a heart on one of those....
but I had 3 ultrasounds before this where there was a part
and it did seem to be missing on this screen
but I wasn't going to say it
so I made her
and then I made her swear upon her firstborn child that she was positive
(do you understand that I have 3 little boys at home?!)
I'm kidding about the firstborn kid thing, people
but she told me she was positive
I had a GIRL in there....

Justin had asked me to call him and let him know
everything was good on the ultrasound
before my half hour drive home
so I did
and after almost 10 years of marriage
I knew
i just knew
that even though I told him I was going to wait
until I got home to tell him
that he was going to ask me and ask me again
to tell him over the phone
tell him over the phone that we were going to have a girl
and miss the expression on his face?!
not in a million years.

and the look on his face
and the instant joy I saw
were absolutely, totally, and completely

and that's all for now.....
cause my little girl just woke up
and I'm pretty sure she's calling for me

have a SUPER springy tuesday!

love, Laurie for the fam


  1. :) You know, our girl came after 2 boys- It is such a happy day! Sorry your husband missed it. My husband missed our very first ultrasound with our firstborn. :(

  2. I can NOT believe Charity is one! Well, tomorrow anyway. I totally lost track of that so tell her the gift is on the way!! :)

  3. ummm... i might be getting a little teary. what a sweet little walk down memory lane.. booo! why can't at least ONE stay little!?!? ;)