Thursday, April 21, 2011

embrace it, good tries and all

We had a 1st birthday bash for Charity this last weekend......and I (sillily) made the theme cherries
You know, cause we call her Cherry and Cherry Beary, and all that good stuff. 
Smart idea, right?  Well, I should've headed myself over to the party stores to check out the goods first.  Because.  Because they have NOTHING cherry.  It's just not the in thing, people! 

Someone should've informed me I can be so 2008 sometimes.  Where's Fergie when you need her?  Ok.

So for the par-tay we dined on shredded chicken sandwiches and stuff and lovingly crammed 11 adults and 7 kids into our home for the evening. 
Charity had quite the crowd gathered when she went to try her cupcake.  She mostly just squeeled and pumped her hands like she does when she's excited.  I think she was just admiring the fancy frosting her mama used.
Usually I just open a can and spread it.
But the Barefoot Contessa, (ahh....I want to be her sweet self when I grow up)  well--she showed me how cool it was to make ganache frosting for your cupcakes because all you do is dip the cupcakes upside down in the ganache to frost. 

I was intrigued.  I googled ganache recipes. 
NINE dollars later and completely bitter frosting and I was ready to yell defeat and pop open a can of Betty Crocker.  No fear, I just kept adding sugar until it tasted right.  And boy did I get it to taste right....
Later my sister-in-law and I had a discussion about "bittersweet" chocolate (like the recipe called for) 
Yeah-it's definitely NOT the same thing as unsweetened chocolate. 
But thankfully I'm a frosting taster and realized the nastyness of my conncoction before it was too late.

So for embrace the camera this week I'm sharing this one of me, Justin and the birthday girl.  We always take a pic of us with ONLY the birthday kiddo. 
It's one of those things we do to make sure our kiddos know they are unique and special in this fam. 
You know.....not just one of four kids in the pack.  It's kinda like when Justin and I do this.

If you have time......try this out to bring home the "empty tomb" surprise of Easter. 
I say try.....because we did. and failed.  But we had a great time trying!  Recipe found here
Tasted delish but the whole idea about Jesus being gone from the tomb kinda lost it's effect when the marshmellow just shrunk.  Maybe next year.  If I can get over all the health code violations I observed in this great try of 2011.  mercy.

Have a SUPER Thursday!


  1. Very Cute ~ regardless of what is "in" right now! :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your girl! The cake and cupcakes are too cute!

  3. Your post that you referred to , 'Kids. One at a time.' I must say is one of my favorites! Thanks for referring back to it, it brought a smile.
    Have a great day!!
    P.S. I think your cherry theme was adorable... you are a very thoughtful mom.

  4. Love the cherry theme!!! Well done momma. Also love that you do it all for His glory! :)

  5. love the cherry's...super cute! happy number 1!!

  6. yes the cherries look so sweet! i LOVE them! and the ganache sounds amazing. a few days ago i was just trying to remember exactly when her 1st birthday was...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, pretty girl!

  7. Charity's birthday treats look so great! I'm sorry we missed it. If you ever make ganache again, I have a super easy recipe from my old school Betty Crocker cookbook; you only need cream and chocolate chips! Oh, I like your new header, too!

  8. Happy Birthday to your little lady! She is such a cutie! Love the cherry theme!!

  9. Thanks for the encouragement :) I LOVE the cherry theme and you have a darling little girlie!

  10. Wow - one already! Super cute cake/cupcakes! Erin

  11. Happy Birthday little one! Love her cupcakes. :)

  12. I love the cake and cupcakes! You did a great job!