Monday, April 18, 2011

fondue is fundue

this picture says a couple of things:
#1 love is grand
#2 monday night date night is the bomb
(does anyone use that word anymore?)
#3 I'm in need of some sunshine to knock out the pasty white skin

last week Monday...
Justin and I went to The Melting Pot
and enjoyed a fun, sexy dinner of fondue
if you have one in your area (yay for you!)
you need to check out the
GNO special on Monday Nights
I called ahead to see if the hubs and I could qualify for the awesome pricing
so for $16 a piece we enjoyed
a cheese fondue, a salad,
and a dessert fondue our waiter lit on fire.  flambe!
Justin paid a little extra to get a meat course thrown in--
I think it had something to do with the waiter
and how he kept repeating
"Girls Night Out special"
everytime he referenced our food
the meat course clearly counter-acted that

my friend, Lynn, has an incredible recipe for fondue
and she throws incredible fondue parties.....
like the one I went to about this time last year.  oh my.
(Lynn, if you are reading this I'd totally make the 3 1/2 hr trek to come again!)
she shared with me her recipe for chocolate fondue
and I made it last summer for my sister Holly's bridal shower
isn't she pretty?
yeah....I totally didn't get a picture of the delish fondue
however....that trifle to the left there?
yep, that one
I'm going to need to blog up that recipe sometime
cause it's a keeper for sure
but I get off track because you're still wondering about the
you're going to be running to the store for the ingredients to make
so here you go--

Fondue is Fundue
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 bag butterscotch chips
4 squares unsweetened chocolate
1 jar marshmellow fluff
1/2 c milk
1 t vanilla

mix all ingredients over LOW until melted through
add milk if it's too thick

totally meant to make this over the weekend....
maybe tomorrow!

have a SUPER day!

love, Laurie for the fam


  1. So glad you explained what GNO stood for... maybe it's my early morning fuzzy mind but I sat there trying to figure it out for a bit!
    Love date nights!

  2. So glad you had a date night. We are really bad about doing that and we need to do it more often. And I love GNO. I always feel so refreshed afterwards.

  3. I've been to the melting pot once, and it was so fun and delicious! Thanks for the chocolate fondue recipe. We just got a pot and I need a good one to try! Erin Henriksen :)

  4. Mmmmmmm...fondue!!! My friends and I had a fondue party a few years back...We got the chocolate on the walls...not sure how that happened! LOL! But, this post has me thinking it's been long and now I want to try that recipe!

  5. i have never once had fondue! this needs remedied!

    it sounds like you guys had a well deserved blast!