Thursday, April 14, 2011

embracing the little memories

when Charity was cuddled on my lap
I took a moment to embrace the camera with her
I captured her little feet
and tiny hands holding her fav treat
my little baby girl,
somedays I'd love to keep her little forever

but if I did I'd miss moments like these....
Caleb was so excited to get the surprise box in 4K
I just had to snap a pic before he bounded up the step to his class

and I'd miss seeing accomplishments like this....
Jon was so proud of his homemade jiffy mix cornbread muffins
and I got the thrill of watching him
read the box himself
mix everything together
and even (gulp) put the muffins in and out of the oven
all. by. himself.

and I'd miss the thrill of newfound talents.....
like watching Matthias balance on his scooter
and ride it all around the backyard patio

so if I can't keep you little forever
children of mine
I'll enjoy all these memories along the way
and thank God for giving you to me
for this preciously short amount of time

(even though somedays.  well...somedays it feels long....)


embracing the camera with emily
and all the fun friends in blogland (hello!)

have a SUPER thursday
and weekend.  some words about fondue on monday.....
see you then!

love, laurie for the fam


  1. You have cute kiddos! Love that last picture of your little girl, precious. Thank you for your words.

  2. Charity is so sweet! Where are you in the pictures!? ;)

  3. the first pics--where she's on my lap ;) !

  4. Love your post and pictures!! LOVE lap pictures they are our favorite!!

  5. Isn't this the truth. I've decided maybe if we just double each year that will make it all better. You know we could always skip a year if that works too... :) Maybe double the first year, skip the second year, double the third...

  6. Hi Laurie, thanks for your comment, translate:
    It was laundry day, all clothes on the sofa. Father and son sleeping. My sofa always look like that with cloth. And the picture is blurred but i love it!!!

    Your kids are cute, but i can´t see you.

  7. What cute kiddos!! Love those sweet baby snuggles:)

  8. Oh, there are days when it all does seem to last sooo long. You are right, though. It will go too quickly. I know I'll long for these days once they are big. Your little ones are adorable. : )

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog! And what an adorable family you have. Great pictures. And even better words. Thank you for reminding me that they grow up so fast. I feel like once my oldest starts K, it will be a blur from then on. :) I'm your latest follower.
    grace and peace to you,

  10. So cute! Sometimes all you can get of yourself in the picture is your lap or hand! Still counts in my book! Have a great weekend!

  11. your kiddos are all so cute!! of course i am partial to the baby hands holding a mum-mum...that is the story of my life right now...LOVE. :)