Friday, April 1, 2011

the debate is over.

sometimes you just need to clean out your fridge
sometimes you just need a friend
sometimes you just need a good friend to come help you clean out your fridge
know what I'm saying?!

a big THANK YOU to Sarah
who has put up with me loved me since the 7th grade
and who, when she asked me,
"what can I do for you today?"
and my answer was
"help me clean out my fridge"
came over and helped me clean out my fridge
and showed up with popcorn and chocolate chips

ever have a task that just doesn't seem to get done
in the crazyness known as life?!
grab a friend and just
get. it. done.
we seriously laughed our way through my sticky fridge
with the rotten onions

love you, Sarah!
and (hint, hint) I'm looking forward
to returning the favor...
before Sarah and I attacked my fridge
we lunched.
we had this soup that I made the other night
and it's a-mazing
but I'm going to leave you all hangin'
til I pump out a Rock the Crock post
next week. sometime...
I'm bad at making blogging promises
(anyone wondering where the parenting tips from Chip are?!
I need to find my wet parenting book, people....
please be patient with me, k?)
I'm not sure
but I'm thinking if this easter debate was LIVE
we'd have had some fists thrown
you all get pretty heated when it comes to your Easter candy
I can't blame you one bit
I'm pretty passionate about my Reeses Peanut Butter eggs
I may or may not have eaten an entire 6-pack
in a 24 hour period.
when I was younger and less mature
(and had a better metabolism)
but I digress.....
you just want to know the winner and so I tell you
you are the winner of a package of Peeps
because that is your Easter delight of choice
YAY for you!
(shoot me an email and let me know where to send em!)

James fam and the Easter candy debate:
3 votes Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs
2 votes Peeps
1 vote undecided

no family is perfect.

have a SUPER friday, and a SUPER weekend.....we plan to!

love, Laurie for the fam


  1. friends that help you with anything around your house, are simply, the best. :)

  2. Gotta love great friends that u can just be yourself around & can do anything with them!

  3. Wait a minute, did I miss the recipe for the oh so great smelling soup? What gives?

  4. That is a great friend indeed!
    And I'm so looking forward to that soup recipe...
    And yes, I'm thankful for this weekend! It will be super-
    P.S. I'm not holding any blog promises against you ;)

  5. i love friends like that. i should call one of mine to help me with my entire house ;)