Friday, December 16, 2011

powdered sugar takes over the world. 3 liners.

cookie baking day 2011
the cousins unwrap rolos together to make these
{so worth all the unwrapping.}

Charity is a helper, too
she finds cookie dough that's been misplaced, forgotten about....
and eats it.  what can I say?  she's learned from the best.

 the annual Christmas Cookie picture
because when you spend 7 hours baking you need to document it
 the 'taste like Christmas' cookies were made once again.  YUM

Matthias has no memories of 'Christmas past'
so all aspects of this month-long celebration are new and exciting
and gingerbread house creating was no exception

last year when I read about pre-fab gingerbread houses
put together by the mamas with hot glue
i rebelled.  absolutely not.  my kiddos will create their own houses.

then Justin and I spent the entire G-bread house experience of 2010
building and rebuilding sticky powdered sugar graham cracker houses
so this year I was all about the pre-fab. 

hello gluegun.
hello perfectly shaped g-houses all ready to decorate
hello awkward pic of Jon and I.....

decorating is really the fun part anyway
and I pulled out a million and one different candies
Jon fit as much on as he could, Matthias took a more conservative approach

.....because he can't remember from last year
that this mama lets her kids eat the candy off the piece at a time
basically whenever they ask (except before breakfast)

I love this sweet season making memories with my family
and talking about the miraculous birth of our wonderful Savior
over and over again.  it never loses its wonder.

happy friday to you.
and you.
and you.


  1. Oh my goodness! That's a TON of cookies! I've never made that many cookies at one time in my life! So fun! And I'm totally going to make those graham cracker gingerbread houses with my kiddos! I totally forgot about doing those as a kid! Glad you're back friend! Missed you!

  2. LOOK at all those cookies; my mouth is watering.
    I haven't resorted to the glue gun yet. Yet. :)
    I think Matthias is at my favorite Christmas age!!

  3. Oh so fun! You are such a fun and creative momma!!