Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i like smiling. smiling's my favorite

Caleb's words during Sunday's lunch of tacos:
"I told my church teacher we were going to Mexico for Christmas
because that's where I was born!"
(Caleb, you were not born in Mexico.....nor are we going there)
"I know, I thought it was funny"

kindergarten humor.....
we're still working on that.

rocking her dolly
in a lil' girl rocking chair that used to be mine
be still my mama's heart.
{paci courtesy of a double ear infection}

is there anything cuter
than a daddy and daughter pic of decorating the tree?
{I come up with nothing.}

Jonathan was concerned that our stockings did not include our names
post-it notes remedied the situation.

Matthias places himself under the mistletoe
mischievious grin
fully expecting a kiss
can I freeze him at this precious age?

first good snowfall
awesome posed pic
happy to report the snow is gone a mere 2 days later
{global warming?}
L.O.L. peeps

cinnamon rolls in the shape of a tree.
Justin made these (kinda)
and took the picture.
{I love that man}

this is an awful picture of us
but I'm pretty sure that's the point
Ugly Christmas Sweater Par-tay 2011 edition
{target. $9.99 a piece.  just in the knick of time}

candy cane cocoa
I toats call it 'cocoa' and therefore so do my kids.
don't judge, it tastes better with that sophisticated title

Charity's waiting for the peanut butter cookie cups to be done.
it seriously takes forever
longest 11 minutes of my day.
{so worth the wait}

that's what's going on around here.
I take more pics than normal this time o' year.
tis the season, ya know?

we talked at MomTime how we keep Christmas focused on Christ.
we're doing an advent reading each night around here
and we've got the Fisher Price nativity all set up.

but I realized this
I talk about Jesus all the time with my kiddos.
Christmas or not

He's the reason for the season....
but more than that the reason for EVERY season.

He's the reason I get up every morning
I just want to live for Him
He's the reason I love on my husband, my kids, my friends
and {hopefully} all who come near me
I just want to shine with His love.

{I know I'm not alone}
Let's all shine for Him, bringing JOY to all those around us.

{even when everyone is honking in the post office parking lot,
there's a long line, and your child in her puffy jacket squirms in your arms the entire time}

happy tuesday, all!


  1. Hola. Please be sure to tell Caleb "Feliz Navidad" for me. Gracias.

    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!


  2. What an adorable family you have! Loving the post-it notes!

  3. omgosh! that first story is hil-ar-i-ous!!!!!

  4. These pictures are precious. Thank you for sharing! Merry Christmas!

  5. your family is precious! Merry Christmas!

    I have a giveaway going on over at my blog and would love you to stop by!


  6. you do know y'all are adorable, right?

    praise jesus for christmas, emmanuel!

  7. LOVE this. Charity is growing. Caleb, caleb, CALEB. And if I knew his middle name I would say it too... Of course with a laugh at the end that I would try so hard not to do but it would just come spilling out because, really!? LOL funny...
    Jesus story from my house tonight... "Daddy, I spent time with Jesus today." How so? "I listened to Jesus music because I can't read yet..." ;)

  8. what a SWEET pic of your little guy under that mistletoe! :) seriously-- can't little boys just stay this way?? :)

  9. those are great christmassy pictures :) i'd like a cinnamon roll please :) xx