Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry CHRISTmas

decorating the Christmas tree and the miracle of it not tipping over
a well-loved Christmas village and superglue used to reattach broken pieces
James fam snack mix and movie night in the glow of our tree
cream cheese breakfast bars Christmas Eve morning
waking up early and the excitement of presents
Pizza Hut.  a new lunch tradition on the first day of Christmas break?
making sugar cookies.  sprinkles.  flour.  dough.  more sprinkles.
hors d'oeuvres enjoyed.....
courtesy of Justin and Laurie's chopping and mixing til the wee hours.
coupons for our kiddos.  time alone with mom and dad in the new year.  priceless.

celebrating Emmanuel
God with us
a precious Gift of Love

merry CHRISTmas.


  1. So many fun memories for your sweet family. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year filled with lots of blessings!

  2. Merry Christmas!! :)) I'm kind of sad it is over-

  3. What a sweet family you have. Those kids look like a lot of work ... but a lot of fun ... and what better job to have :)

    I'm followin ya!