Friday, August 26, 2011

our week in food. come on, this is exciting stuff

 you know a blog post is going to be exciting when it's all about food. 
and considering that's about all i took pictures of this week....
i have no idea why
(okay, i do.  i like food)
anyways, here you go:
a week in the life of the james fam:
'what we ate' edition.

is there ever a wrong time to make a pan of fudge?
3:53 seemed like a good time to me

it's gone already.
i love fudge

bowls of skittles and starburst jellybeans
a special treat
to welcome our friend dan for the weekend
who we have sleep in our (non-airconditioned) front room
on one of the boys' mattresses on the floor
but we make up for it with the candy, right?!
or was it the shakes from oscars....
a snack Justin and I enjoy after the kiddos are in bed
I'm pretty sure even cabbage would taste good
eating in the silence of the evening
and the relaxation of a full day being lived out

ahhh, the silence.
oh, bless-ed cherry season.
tasty tomatoes from my in-laws garden
and yummy farmers market finds
---the largest kohlrabi i've ever seen---
matthias is helping
put the rhubarb to good use
he mixes the cornstarch and sugar for me
so we can make strawberry rhubarb pie
---justin's ultimate fav pie--
i was so excited
i texted him a pic at 9:30 in the morning
to let him know what he'd be enjoying after dinner

what's for dinner?
i have no idea, babe

but we've got pie.

have a super friday.  really.  don't you just love fridays?!


  1. Funny, my pics were about the food this week as well garden tomatoes and pie included!! I so wish my pie was rhubarb though. Love that stuff. (it is our middle sons favorite pie but I don't make it, gma does so we don't get it but maybe once a year...)
    Happy Friday, friend!!

  2. P.S. Matthias I'm sure was a great helper; you can see it in his smile. Cutie!

  3. HAHA even cabbage WOULD be good then. i hear ya!
    happy weekend! xo