Thursday, August 4, 2011

summery goodness.

Jon's snapshot of his dad on the softball field

Buzz Lightyear thanks God for his Nutella sandwich
Charity shares her Goldfish crackers with Daddy at Jon's game

Little hands help out in the kitchen

Cousins share shiners on their left eyes
the effects of taking the phrase
'keep your eye on the ball'
a little too literally

Big brothers give Charity rides around the patio
and she squeels for them to go faster
my little girl loves getting a pedi

This verse card has found it's home on my kitchen shelf
yes, it has been crumpled up
and scribbled on
(a great reminder to me of the days I am in....)

a Bible verse reflecting on the core of the gospel message
I could read it every day
and never fully grasp the full magnitude of it
Like....I get it and still don't get it
(you know?)
But I believe every single precious word of it.

chucking water-filled balloons at each other.
it never gets old when you're 3, 5, and 8 year old boys

just some snapshots from around here!
have a super summery day
enjoying all the snapshots your life holds.
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  1. Ouch...those shiners! And how cute is a mini pedi?!

  2. wow, a Nutella sandwich??! I thought that would be reserved for momma only! (I didn't know that qualified as lunch!)

  3. buzz praying over nutella??! hilariously cute. and that verse card is precious.

  4. Those are great pictures summing up some of your summer days. I can't believe the shiners even with having 3 boys myself. And the Bible verse. Yes, love it don't understand it fully. But we will one day won't we!? (also love how In Him is underlined and very pretty writing!)

  5. such wonderful photos Laurie! :)

  6. Love the goldfish sharing shot :)

  7. hooray for little girl pedicures!
    and i always knew buzz was the grateful, praying type.

  8. Love that Buzz picture!!!!! My son is obsessed with Toy Story... :)

  9. You guys are having such an awesome summer! And, if you're serving nutella sandwiches for lunch...can I come over? :)

  10. Looks like you guys have a gorgeous family who enjoy spending time with one another.
    love that.