Thursday, August 11, 2011

embrace it.

i love being a mommy

9.5 minutes of every 10.

there are those times when my kiddos have their own little agenda
(such as Charity fussing during dinner prep time yesterday. 
and the day before that. and also on monday...)

and so we snuggle on the kitchen chair together.
and i watch the microwave clock go from 4:40 to 4:55 to 5:05......
until i must--absolutely must-- begin to boil the pasta and heat the sauce
and put the rolls in the oven

i know i will look back on these moments with fond memories.
even as i type these words
i'm remembering all the kisses i put on her cheeks

and suddenly
well, it just doesn't seem like the inconvenience
i was tempted to think
it was at the time
also capturing a beachy moment with Matthias this week
---all covered in sand and sweet memories---

have a super day
covered in something that doesn't require multiple washings to remove

--you know, like sunshine--


  1. Laurie, this is so sweet and so true. I love your perspective.

  2. I love being a mom too :) I like the beach picture!

  3. Great post Laurie! Dinner will always be there ~ our babies won't :(

  4. Enjoy it while u can. It feels like I just had my kids yesterday. I dreamed of being a Mom. I use to say when I grow up I want to be a Mom. Now my kids are in 4th grade & 7th! The oldest wants to be with friends not Mom so treasure these memories with your kids!

  5. beautifully said. what little sweeties.

  6. you're cute. totally get the clock watching/must put pasta in. tick tock... one day we'll miss all of it. and we'll only be able to eat pasta because we'll have no teeth. enjoy it now, girl! ;) xxoo

  7. 9.5 minutes out of 10! Great pictures you captured and keep on smothering them with kisses and they'll never think you're weird when you do it when they are 14. Well, kinda... ;)