Tuesday, August 16, 2011

complete randomness

there is no wrong way to eat a donut.
according to Caleb
you start on the top and eat off all the frosting
then you make a hole on the top
and lick out all the filling

this picture greatly minimizes
how gross amusing it was to observe

(he threw the rest away....)

Charity is taking on the world in an upward fashion now
---it's marked in the baby book and it's official---
I have officially survived the crawling stage of mommyhood 4x
phew.  not a fan.

how cute is a toddler anyways?!

this is what the living room looks like after
a cousins sleepover
sleeping bags, pillows, popcorn, soda cans, candy, trading cards....
Gullivers Travels (Jack to the Blackhilarious)

Fun. Was. Had.

a reminder
why my beauty routine
has been drastically reduced since mommyhood.
(LOVE you, Char)

the sleeveless shirt look
the tanned skin of summer
the imitation of Bible study

you can't resist a photo opp
when your son asks for one with his Daddy

--spending time with friends--
a fierce game of Settlers of Catan
an impromptu hot dog lunch
and a crazy flying disc
(that I'm not so sure passed any safety inspections in manufacturing.... 

have a super tuesday
in all the randomness that makes up your days!


  1. So cute. My middle son eats his donuts in the same methodical way.

    Cousin sleep overs are the best!

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. OH i wanna sleep over at your place! PARTY!


  3. Yeah big girl for walking! Isn't that toddler walk adorable?!
    And I hope you are rested now from that sleep over and your fun weekend...

  4. i wish you could hear me in real life say "settlers of catan". it is said with a severe english accent every time. i look like the lady on the box.

  5. i am just learning to play settlers … so excited!