Friday, August 12, 2011

JJ + LJ 4ever

dear justin
i love you more than dolphins love the ocean (i'm guessing it's a lot)
and way more than sunflowers love the sun
i love you more than green bay loves its packers (which is kinda extreme at times)

i love you more than our daughter loves graham crackers
i love you more than tiger woods loves
golf (what did you think I was going to say?!)
i love you more than college kids love late nights (did I just refer to them as 'kids'?!)

i love you more than Jonathan loves the Wii (which he is playing as i write this...)
and, of course i love you more than i love chocolate (and that says a lot as you well know)
i love you more than some churches love their sacred hymns (l to the o to the l)

i love you more than you love a brewers victory (whoa, right?!)
i love you more than peanut butter loves jelly
i love you more than donald trump loves money
and more than Matthias loves wild adventureness and running head first into everything........really. i love you more than that.
i love you more than our thursday night ritual
of bdubs and the mentalist after the kiddos are in bed 

(but we're still going to do that, right?!)
i love you more than Caleb loves to take baths....but, oh wait, he hates those
so then i'll add to that loving you more than i love blogging
(which is why i'm writing this before my time alone with you tonight)

i love you more than you will ever be able to grasp
more each day
more than i ever thought i could
the only One who loves you more
is the One who gave you to me
and I thank Him everyday for the gift of you

i love you, justin!
happy anniversary
11 years together of wedded blissfulness

to everyone else reading this gushy post
have a super August 12th
the perfect day to celebrate love!


  1. Awwww....... what a super sweet, mushy, gushy post! :) Happy Anniversary!

  2. That is so sweet! Beautiful! Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Such a sweet and creative way to tell your hubby that you love him. Happy anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Love all the pictures you included. What a tribute... have a happy day.

  5. Happy 11th Anniversary! I love all the pictures & the creative way of expressing your love to Justin! Enjoy your day together!

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  7. That was probably the best anniversary tribute I've read to date! Happy Anniversary to both of you!

  8. I'm glad that you included the link for "bdubs" cause I wasn't sure what that was and I thought you were gettinga little too personal. Glad you get to spend the day in the van with the boys. Super romantic! But I get to see you again!! Yay for me!!! Happy Anniversary!

  9. Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds!!! I adore this post. Hope you have a very very special day/weekend celebrating! Love you Sis.

  10. YAY! you two are adorable and i love all the photos. congrats and wishes for eleventy hundred more! xo