Tuesday, July 3, 2012

firecracker 4th of july beverage

last year we made this fun 4th of july drink
and it's back by popular demand and for the sake of tradition

want to join us?
here's what you need:

{ a clear cup filled with ice }
cranberry juice
blue gatorade
and diet lemon lime soda

the trick of the drink is in how you pour:

the drink with the most sugar grams goes in first
then the one with the next amount of sugar
and then the least amount of sugar grams on top
(hence the DIET lemon lime soda so don't hate me for aspartame usage)

AND.....pour the beverages directly onto the ice to limit mixing of colors

here i am pouring the cranberry juice directly onto the ice
with a shaky hand because i'm a blogger and we do crazy stuff like this
while holding a camera for your benefit...
{ you're welcome }

see, now isn't that just so fun?!

oh, but this year we're taking it up a notch, my friends
we were informed by a fellow wal-mart shopper that if you add pop rocks to the drink
you get a great fireworks explosion to go with the patriotic color concotion.

well, my boys overhead the fellow wal-mart goer and....
we had to get the pop rocks.
and we found them at the dollar store {woot, woot}

the initial explosion is pretty neat
and the snap, crackle, pop continues well into the writing of this blog post.

so go ahead and earn some cool mom points right along with me.

our founding fathers would be so proud of you.

may the 4th be with you.

Scottyboy and Katygirl

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  1. How fun!! Link this up on Monday!!

  2. we made these last year and the beverage over ice ricocheting SUPER stressed me out. but they are so cute. so it was worth it.

  3. God bless america! this is awesome! I was just going to say my friend Jessica made these last year - but no pop rocks - and she already commented hahaha! :) Hilarious! LOVE IT! Now we have to try w/ the pop rocks! so cool!

  4. Love the pop rocks addition, you get awesome mom points for that!

  5. These are SOOOO fun!!! Totally doing this next 4th of July!

  6. What a fun idea! I may have to continue the celebration of the 4th just to try this!! Thanks for the great idea!!

  7. I did this last year...it was such a hit and really good!!