Wednesday, July 25, 2012

i'm lovin it

{ summer means... }

fun garage sale finds
(the candy jar pictured was a gift from jon
with his allowance money.  precious)
sonic slushies at happy hour
watching baseball games and t-ball, too
trying new goodies from pinterest
and a million other moments not captured on camera
but stored up as memories of 2012.

i love summer

{ here's to more! }


  1. I looooove summer, too. I'm feeling like the days are already getting shorter and I'm sad for it to end. Also, I'm going to need more detail on those Rolo treats.

  2. Oh rolos! Mmmm Hi! So jealous your blog shows up in news feeds! Humph! And Summer is great....and super hot. We're rotting our teeth over here between icees and icecream.

  3. I'm really enjoying summer but I think I will love it more when my kids are one year older. ;)