Friday, June 29, 2012

where i get on a harley and justin critiques root beer

fathers day.
celebrating the man and all of his wonderfulness in our fam.
{ and that is a lot of wonderful }

adding some more rootbeer to justin's collection.
he has become quite the taste tester of this frothy drink
and it cracks me right up to hear his critiques like,
"it ends high on the palette with fruity undertones"
{ say whaa?!  mercy. }

picnic at the park
one extra kiddo.
tons of headcounts.
came with 5, left with 5.
{ praise the Lord. }

goggle boy.
super pool powers.

{ summer reading }
catching my boys looking at a book together =

lego creations these days are getting pretty complex.
and taking over my kitchen.
and living room.
and bathroom.
and piano room.
and sometimes i find them under my pillow at night...
am i being punk'd?

3 to 13 card game in the afternoons.
a DQ treat for the winner of the summer....
{ this is serious }

beth more.
berry iced tea.

{ bliss }

still trying to figure out if i should
actually send him to first grade in the fall
and share that face with another woman.
{ nope.  don't want to. }

i ask myself if this girl can get any cuter
and then she does.
is there anything left to say?!
don't even touch my breadsticks....
yeah, they're that good.
trying out a new place downtown...
with a nutella latte on the menu?!
they have my vote.

finding rocks and splashing it up in lake michigan.....
it sure is a great way to spend the day
while dad and jon are on the
'man trip 2012'

here's what i'm learning:
chores are easier to do myself.
teaching my kiddos to help takes patience
and time
and more patience.
but in the end it's good for them, and good for me.

vacation bible school.
my son randomly singing praise songs in the car....
LOVE it.

happy retirement to my dad,
41 years at harley davidson


i'm so proud of you, dad!

 { happy friday, everyone! }


  1. So jealous you went to Lake Michigan without us! But glad to see Caleb getting wet in the pool. Is he doing the diving board yet?? Miss you!!!

  2. So hear you on the legos...everywhere!

    Congrats to your dad!

  3. love reading your posts, laur! :) you're the best!