Monday, January 30, 2012


Dear Caleb,
It's been such a fun year of watching you grow.
Now that you're in full day kindergarten I know what it feels like to miss you.....
and boy, do I!
I can't tell you how many times I've sent you off to school
and wished I could just bring you right on back for one more hug.
I like how you always hold me to the same words in my send-off each and every morning.
I love that you can read now, and you never cease to amaze your Dad and me
with all that you quickly catch onto.
You are always making people laugh at your 'ways'--and you're not always trying to be funny
(like when you told your teacher you were from Mexico)
but somehow you manage to make people smile by just being you.
I know I smile a lot when you're around.

It is a joy to me to hear your prayers at night.  and at the breakfast table.
And how you lift up my dear friend, Bethany.
You are the one who always remembers to pray for her and all she's up to in India.


How fun it was to walk through Wal-mart and just plain spoil you last night
as we were anticipating your birthday today.
Donuts for breakfast and special chocolate glazed ones to share with your class.....
a lunchable and pudding cup to put in your lunchbox along with some scooby doo fruit snacks
and an entire gallon of apple cider--just because you asked for it.
I'd give you the world, you know.
But I don't really need to
because you take such delight in the little things of life.
You were so stoked about getting boxers for your birthday
(and yes, I mean underwear)
and when Dad took you to Toys R Us you pointed out a water bottle that said
for what you'd like for a gift when you turned 6.

I loved watching your face all lit up yesterday as we had your party.
You ran around the house thinking all the balloons and streamers and birthday signs were pretty cool.
I loved to watch your competitive side come out during the games
and how you threw yourself on top of your stash of candy when the pinata broke
(it's no surprise to me that you willingly offered to share your candy with me...
and tell me I can take more tootsie rolls when I only grab one)
you are a sharer, something you've always been good at.

Never stop being you.
Don't ever let anyone tell you to be different just to 'fit in'
I love each and everything about you and the special way God created you to be.
I can't wait for the years ahead and seeing all He has planned for you.
Child of mine, I just KNOW it's going to be good!

love, mom
{posting this at 4:40PM the exact moment you were born 6 years ago}

***everyone else, have a super january 30th
we're going out for PIZZA!


  1. happy birthday to your little man! how sweet & cute that he was excited about boxer shorts. enjoy your night of no cooking!!!

  2. I just love Caleb! We were out with friends tonight and talking about our kids' cousins. I was saying how it was Caleb's birthday and how he and Leah are good buddies and how he's wicked smart and can read anything but is so quirky and fun and sweet, too. He really is a one in a million, AMAZING little boy and we LOVE him over here, too <3

  3. What a sweet letter to your boy! A treasure.

  4. Happy Birthday Caleb!! Wow...can't believe you are 6!!