Friday, January 20, 2012

randomness of winter and such

I'm pretty sure when my hubby had me take this picture he mentioned me blogging it.
that's permission, right?!  goofy man that i love.
napkin rings courtesy of a 'swap night' i went to--ever been? 
take your junk, come back with stuff you want.  {yummy food is a must}

coupon cashing  has begun
this year it's Breakfast with Dad and "Pie with Mom"
Caleb chose Dennys.  I had coupons.  yessss.

Upwards Bball 2012.  Go Defenders!
Jon made 4 baskets and had like a million rebounds the first game.
{he had asked me before the game how many baskets i thought he'd make.  1?  how does a mom answer that?}
 its fun to watch your kiddos having fun
even when you're busy emptying your purse of everything from raisins to calculators
to keep your younger 3 entertained
{both sets of grandparents there to lend a hand = priceless}


{and this}
and about 27 more shots just like it
is what happens when charity gets ahold of my camera while i'm making dinner
soooo worth the peace in the kitchen.....

weekend guests.
a mixture of 'catching up' and 'getting to know'
{over tapas}
charity may have gotten sick all over dan
but made up for it with cuteness and cuddles afterward
i mean, how could she not?!

one weekend of packers, playoffs, and pizza is all we'll get this year
but papa johns a-mazing garlic sauce and breadsticks did not disappoint
the packers on the other hand.........
good thing our salvation is not based on football fan-dom choices


my kiddos talked me into snow ice cream
see recipe HERE

i'm in the midst of 'surviving 60 days of winter'
a fun gift showering that Justin has put together for me
he's bought all kinds of stuff i love
from starbucks to godiva to lush and a new flav of gum
one treat a day to keep those winter blues away
{sorry ladies, he's mine}

happy weekend, all!

linking up for Instafriday
if i had a cool phone these would be more 'insta' and less point n shoot


  1. LOVE all those goodies to keep the winter blues away!

    I wish our church participated in Upward Bound Basketball! Our little 5-6th grade girls only had 3 girls show up, so they had to trade out girls from the opposing team.

    thanks for the snow icecream recipe, I will have to try it. have a great weekend!

  2. Oh the snow looks like so much fun! Have a great weekend!

  3. I love the idea of 'surviving 60 days of winter' so fun & creative! Your husband is a keeper! Happy InstaFriday!

  4. Justin, you're awesome. I think I've told you before, but thank you for taking such good care of my Meg.

  5. Love the goodies! That is awesome!!

  6. LOVE the 60 days of winter! That's an awesome idea! What a wonderful husband you have! :)

  7. Fun week. Sounds like Charity was sick, again. :( Looks like she's great at taking pictures though!!
    My husband says, "Justin is showing me up, bad..." :))

  8. "Good thing our salvation is not based on football fan-dom choices" - this made me laugh. This Packers fan was disappointed too! :)

  9. snow cream. holla. and i LOVE your survival kit, genius.
    your kids are cute. also, basketball is my favorite sport.


  10. i so wish it snowed here. totally jeally about the surviving winter goodies.

  11. looks like fun! I am super jealous over your winter package!